Monday, May 31, 2010

Something Different

Anyone who knows me personally knows that i'm always wearing black or grey something dark. Being a HairStylist and Make-Up Artist its more professional for me to just be in black but i try to keep it girly with ruffles and lace and that sort. Even when i'm not working my clothes seems to be dark because its a habit of mine to buy everything in black. As of late i've slowly been trying to break myself out of that habit


I LOVE THESE JEANS! or should i say "jeggings". I have like 10 of these just in black because everytime i went thats all they had. This day in age its very hard for any woman to find a comfortable pair of jeans its even harder for a curvy girl like myself to find "skinny jeans". Well i found them and they're comfortable! And today i stumbled on a pair of dark blue so i snatched up the last one they had in my size! I've only seen them in stores so if you see them get a pair or 11 like me!


the jeans weren't on sale but the graffic tees were buy one get one free! Like i said before i'm trying not to shop but sales make it hard! Lucky for me my sister bought me this! I stayed away from anything black and went for this bright vintage wonder woman tee! I have like no graffic tees so i'm trying to change that! I think this would be cute for a day when i'm running errands or something casual because i usually dress up! LOL what can i say i'm "girly".

thanks for looking at my posts!

xOxO Beverly

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