Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Impromptu Haul & swatches

This weekend my brother asked me to drive him up North to a different mall school shopping, so Saturday we were out!  I was racing up the parkway and although I told myself I wasn't going to spend $$$ that never happens!  I go about my business and head in and out of stores, I swear idk what is wrong with me lately I can't find anything I like.  Well after H&M I was over the whole shopping thing but than a Lightbulb went off in my head!  I remembered that many moons ago when I was getting into make-up there was a little beauty supply store that sold NYX dirt cheap. I see it and walk in and low and behold NYX-a-palooza up in that place!  I was staring in awe at the lipstick display.  I didn't know wtf to do with myself.  After 45 minutes this is what I ended up getting ....

6 NYX round lipsticks at $1.99 a piece & 2 blushes at $4 YUP YUP!  whoop whoop! Go ME! cheaper than online, no shipping charges or wait time, I'm on it!


I have tried the blushes in the past and I was happy with them.  So the two that I got have been on my radar for a while for various reasons.  I didn't purchase them before because I was finding them at place for like $8.  Um NO! that's a lot IMO for a drugstore blush.  With my pro discount I can get a MAC blush for the same price.  (hence why I don't bother with a lot of drugstore products)

Taupe & Peach Blush

I purchased taupe because its supposedly a dupe for my beloved Emote blush & Peach because i saw it on Kim Kardashian months ago and loved the blush before i knew what it was.

taupe & peach

Emote, Taupe, Peach

Its not an exact dupe as Taupe is way cooler than Emote.  I'll have to see how it wears but I do like the soft texture of NYX blushes.  They blend nicely but if you over blend its gone, so I suggest maybe layering it over a cream blush to make it pop and last.  

NYX Round lipsticks

As much as I'd heard about these all over youtube & blogger no store near me had them, hence why when I found them I was dumbfound LOL I couldn't remember which ones to get...

Paris -- A bright bubblegum pink

  Louisiana -- A Watermelon Pink

Strawberry Milk -- A milky pink

Pumpkin Pie -- A Peach w/ slight pink iridescence

Indian Pink -- A coral with pink sheen

Orange Soda -- A creamy orange

The lipsticks went on really smooth, almost melting into the skin.  The formula seems to me like it is a cross between MAC creamsheens & glaze.  For the price they are extremely good.  I wore pumpkin pie yesterday for dinner and it didn't last thru pasta but none of my lipsticks do.

Top: Paris, Louisiana, Strawberry Milk, Pumpkin Pie Bottom: Indian Pink, Orange Soda

Possible dupes ???  (as suggested by other bloggers)

Many blogs said strawberry milk was a dupe for gaga and such pale pink colors but I didn't find that to be true.  Strawberry Milk is lighter and less cool than those.
MAC Saint Germain, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, NYX Strawberry Milk

 Louisiana is not a hot pink by any means its more of a watermelon pink
MAC Hollywood Nights,  NYX Louisiana

NYX Orange soda is too light to be a dupe for Peachstock although they are in the same color family.
NYX orange soda,  MAC Peachstock

Paris is supposed to be a dupe for MAC pink nouveau but i don't own it so i can't compare sorry

Do any of you own NYX round lipsticks??? if so what are some of your favorites???


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* ClaudsMakeUpCorner * said...

will be buying those blushes very soon ... love them!!

prettyaspeaches said...

lol your writing cracks me up! I wouldn't know WTF to do with myself either. I can't believe how cheap everything was!

Beverly said...

i've been wearing them ever since i got them

@prettyaspeaches the display was on the top self and im so short i was standing on my tippy toes lol i had to stop my self because i almost abought the whole display lol

thickandsassy said...

what mall was this? i lived in nothern cali, like the east bay. trying to find a place. so i dont have to buy online. and hell get cheap like that. i would have so much nyx, think i have a sponsorship wit them lol


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