Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains FOTD -- Dr. Facilier

OK so who is excited for this launch???  I'm on the fence because I LOVE disney but I think the packaging is WACK!  Well at least it isn't stickers like Fafi but its still as CHEESY as cheetoes!  I was looking at swatches online as usual & got kinda excited because 101 Dalmatians was my 1st Disney movie EVER (on VHS of course)!   It occurred to me that I had the pigments that were being repromoted so that's what my look is based around.

I'm using what I have I'm not encouraging you to run out and purchase when it comes out just looking to inspire.  Brash & Bold can be duped by BEN NYE Azalea.  I never purchased Push the Edge because it was identical to Grape pigment which is now permanent.  and Melon well its been around the block and than some & is still permanent so yeah save yourself some cash.  I'm pretty sure if you have one of those 120 palettes or 88's you can come up with something.  If you don't have MUFE flash colors the NYX pencils are good.  Basically make due with what you have!

yeah I smile LOL I feel like I never smile in my pictures

MUFE white flash color
WET & WILD greed palette -- matte beige (highlight)
MAC pigments -- Brash & Bold (outer crease),  Melon (inner crease),  Grape (lid, lower lashine),  Your Ladyship (tearduct),  Black Black (outer lid, lower lashline)
LANCOME cils booster
L'OREAL voluminous mascara in Black
COVERGIRL lashblast fusion in Very Black
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
L'OREAL Lineur Intense Liquid liner in Carbon Black

Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Brown
Koh Gen Do concealer in #4

MAC select cover-up NC20/30
MUD cosmetics loose powder in Zero
BEN NYE banana visage poudre
MAC msf natural in dark (bronzer)
MAC eversun beauty powder blush
MAC perfect topping msf

concealer/ powder
NYX smokey look lipgloss

OH BTW I made a video for this look!  Its uploading as you read and I type =]

I hope you like!


7 loving:

TiffanyMonet said...

I love this look! Good job,Doll!

xo T

Sara.H said...

OMG! this is just so pretty :) you have an amazing talent :)

Kelly said...

I'm really excited after seeing swatches online too!
I completely feel the same way as you about the packaging though, its really disappointing. It had so much potential :(
Also thanks so much for mentioning that Brash & Bold is duped by Azalea, I was kicking myself for not picking it up the first time it came out but now I don't need to!

MissTaina07 said...

agree, i hate the packaging, but i love this look, especially love the placement of melon pig. definitely wanna try that, soooo pretty!

natasha1821 said...

This is really pretty. I think I might try this look! But without the gold.

Beverly said...

thats dolls i appreciate the feed back makes me wanna do more looks for you all!

@kelly yeah i think people get too over hyped about products being limited edition like i did at first but than you realize that sometimes the colors can be duped plus i LOVE ben nye products especially for the price

@ MissTaina07 yeah i might just get a couple things for collectors sake but the packaging isnt my cup of tea & melon is pretty i just hardly ever use it

thickandsassy said...

love the look, and thanx for telling dupes. i hate when u by something, find that it is a dupe, or gave it different packing and its a permante color


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