Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Ideas??

I have not slept all night its 6 am NOR am I tired... Creative Juices are flowing ... So I started to think about my Halloween Costume... I have no clue what I am going to be nor do I have any ideas for my nieces ALTHOUGH the oldest one has suggested that she wants to be Sammi Sweatheart from Jersey Shore. SMDH!!! OH HELL NO!!! As soon as stores open I'm going to look and get ideas BUT I want to know if you guys have any suggestions??? I'll probably do like a simple tutorial too =]  So comment away your suggestions 

P.S. I'll Be starting today I already have a look in mind lets hope i dont fall asleep =]

xO xO

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Alexa said...

Should go as a Fafinette :]

Or a sugar skull!

blazeno.8 said...

Simple hm? I guess I like the looks that Petrilude posts, but those are quite complex sometimes. Maybe something that can be a little fun is a Dia de los Muertos style Sugar Skull.

Keisha said...

Lol..thats so funny I wanted to do Snooki from Jersey Shore :0)Sammi Sweetheart is a good idea and maybe you could so Snow white cause of your pretty fair skin and dark hair it kinda reminds me of snow white.

Glamorous Glory said...

u should be an avatar! lol dats wat i wanna be!


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