Tuesday, March 8, 2011

INGLOT: Mini Haul, Swatches, & Thoughts

As you all may or may not know, I finally got my paws on an Inglot palette.  So happy I did too!  Last Thursday I went to the Garden State Plaza location in North Jersey.  The customer service at this location was great as opposed to the Times Square location (checked on YELP & a lot of people are complaining about the same thing).  ANYWAYS Mercedes (the sales associate that helped me) was super nice & really helpful.  She can up to me right away & go me on my way to picking my palette.  
At the time of my purchase the palettes were displayed with the new price that will go up in MAY but I payed $50.  Less with the pro discount.  The new price in May of this palette with be $80 & $75 for the 10 round. 

I like the aesthetic behind the company.  As someone who has been in the industry I can respect that black is a color that looks professional. They run thru a freedom system that lets you customize eye, blush, & lip palette, among other things. The palette its self is by far my favorite of any brand that I own including Makeup Forever & MAC.  The magnets on Inglot palettes are strong ensuring that none of you shadows will fall out.



The quality of these shadows are AMAZING! I did not swatch one bad one. They are all pigmented in one swipe & cheaper than their higher-end competitors.  When I was at the store I forgot what the different finishes meant BUT in one palette I got a mix of DS, MATTE, AMC, &AMC SHINE.  


TOP:  [Left - Right] AMC Shine 15 (orange w/ gold sheen & sparkle) ,AMC 70 (blue w/sparkles), AMC Shine 22 (dark purple w/ sparkles), MATTE 392 (matte red based purple), MATTE362 (medium pink)
BOTTOM: [Left - Right] DS 463(beige w/ gold sparkles), DS 473 (aqua w/ sparkles), AMC66 (violet w/sparkles), DS 495 (reddened pink w/ gold sparkles), MATTE 361 (peachy coral)

I'm still playing around with them BUT the looks that I have done with them have been a breeze to blend.  All the shadows go on like butter & are super pigmented.  After testing these out I now want more!

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Sue said...

great haul! i just found out that I have a store close!!! I did a small haul myself and posted it on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Theres an Inglot in Vegas that I plan on visiting in June.

♠Rachel said...

So beautiful, everyone's been buying up on Inglot lately! It must be love though! :]

Danielle87 said...

I wonder if you can order these to do some google searching. I would love to get one of these palettes before the price increase in May

Ev said...

oooh i love that 495 color!! so pretty !

Priscilla said...

AWESOME!!! I need to send you some money Chica so you can get me one too!! LOL

Rai said...

I want to try this brand so bad but buying it has become a headache for me. lol The shades are always sold out.


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