Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Quick

If u follow me on twitter, you know that I went to Inglot last week.  Now it wasnt the first time I went to an Inglot store.  Last Year During Fashion's Night Out in NYC I literally ran 10 blocks thru Times Square looking for Inglot & when I found it, my heart skipped 4 beats.  It was color galore, tho that feeling was short lived.  I was in the store about 10 minutes & the service I received was HORRIBLE.  The MUA's were snotty & when I asked questions they were nasty so I didn't purchase anything!  Well for the last couple of weeks the beauty world has been buzzing about Inglot so when my friend wanted to go to Garden State Plaza in North Jersey I jumped at the chance, because I knew they just opened an Inglot store there. But anyways I'll have more of that on an upcoming post. I just wanted to share a quick look I came up with using Inglot Shadows the next day.


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
INGLOT -- Beige, Medium Purple, Dark Purple (need to look up the colors)
MAC shadows -- Vanilla (highlight) , Beauty Marked (outer crease)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (brow bone peak)
NYC Liquid Liner in Black
RIMMEL Soft Kohl in Jet Black
L'OREAL Voluminous in Carbon Black

MAYBELLINE Define - A - Brow in Dark Brown
HARD CANDY Glamoflauge in Light

MAC Face & Body in C2
MAC Studio Sculpt in NC20
MAC Select Cover Up in NC20
BEN NYE Banana Visage Poudre
NYX Taupe Blush
NYX Angel Blush
MAC Vanilla Pigment

RIMMEL Eastend Snob LL
MAC Superflash! Superglass

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sailingcutie said...

I want some Inglot products and you are killing me.. Love the look.

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

ooo I live in walking distance to GSP! You'll have to let us know how the service was at the Inglot there so I know if I should check it out! :D

AngelicBetrayal said...

Beautiful look as always :)
I just went to Inglot on Friday at the Times Square location and the SA was pretty nice and helpful. You should give them another try and hopefully you'll get someone nicer? ^^ I got a 10 pan palette but a few colors I wanted were out of stock :(

Can't wait to see what you got! :D

Widdlesh said...

AAahhh! I can't wait to try out Inglot stufffff! There's only one store in Cali, and luckily my bf lives closeish to it, so hopefully over spring break I can check it out.
Have any recommendations yet? I can't see anything in person, so I wanted to know which eyeshadows were your faves! :DD

Beverly said...

@SailingCutie I'm loving Inglot! Def. want to try the blushes & lipstick too!

@Emily I live at the Jersey Shore So im like an hour away but the folks there are amazing! Super nice! Def. worth the trip especially if ur only 5minutes away =]

@AngelicBetrayal I'll probably go back to GSP they were super nice there but they were out of some shadows i wanted too! That just gives me a reason to go back =]

@Widdlesh OMG! Girl yes! go! LOL! It is so worth it & the shadows come out to $5 each if u make a 10 square like i did! & they are pigmented like MUFE

Sue said...

Those colors are so pretty!

Glamorous Glory said...

so did u end up paying $80 for the palette ? or 50??

Mei Mei said...


Ev said...

loving this look and the new blog background ... pretty!

Beverly said...

@SUE I'm loving the shadows!

@Glamorous Glory It was $50 i payed cheaper

@MEI MEI thank you

@EV thanks doll!


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