Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's a shore thang

I have a thing for bronzers and all year round too! Maybe its because I'm from the Jersey Shore or maybe because I tan easily YET I never do purposely because I dont want to look like leather when I get old.  I use bronzer on a daily basis on myself and its a staple in my kit for ALL my clients.  Some people hate them BUT when used properly it gives the face all kinds of life and dimension. Some I have been using for as long as I can remember and other I found recently; some are pricey but I recently discovered Wet & Wild's princess at $2.99 its a steal!


in no specific order ....

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark-- Someone gave this to me many eons ago BUT I had no use for it as it was too dark for me until I got into contouring BUT I didn't like it for that purpose.  I like my contours to be cool toned because my skin is warm.  I hate MSFN as a finishing powder YET its a great bronzer & works for just about anyone just get a shade or 2 darker than your natural skintone and your good to go.

MAC Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder -- Once upon a time I was an avid MAC collector.  I would purchase just about everything in that was LE. I have since moved on BUT I'm left with a bunch of products that need to be used.  I was reading a Celeb make-up artist's blog and he stated that Smooth Harmony was perfect for light-medium tones during the winter.  I dig mine out this winter & wasn't disappointed.  It left behind a subtle yet visible glow, just enough to brighten up my pale skin.  The best part is that its being re-released during one of these upcoming summer MAC collections so keep your eyes open.

Wet & Wild Princess Bronzer --  I like my bronzers MATTE hence why It took me forever and a year to actually purchase this bronzer but ever since I got it, a couple weeks ago, Its been LOVE.  It may seem like it would be shimmer overload BUT once buffed in, it looks like a natural, healthy glow.  Its very pigmented so a little goes a LONG way.

Benefit Hoola -- A couple months ago I ordered this because I had it on my wishlist forever & its the perfect bronzer for me.   Its neutral toned so not too orange, & not too cool.  I like how finely milled the powder is & it has great pigmentation.  It blends in like a dream.  Hands down my favorite!

Stila Bronzer #1 -- A staple in my kit for all my lighter girls.  Gives off a soft glow but good enough that it brightens up my clients even under strong lights. 

MUD Cosmetics Endless Summer Bronzer -- Pink toned for all my medium to tan clients.  Blends in like a dream and very pigmented.  Perfect for film and photoshoots. 

[LEFT - RIGHT] Stila Bronzer #1, MAC MSFN Dark, MAC Smooth Harmony, MUD cosmetics Endless Summer, Benefit Hoola, Wet & Wild Princess

Another favorite of mine is MAC Refined Golden but I finished it last summer and didn't repurchase because I had a bunch of others but I will buy it again soon. =]

What are your favorite Bronzers??? or do you skip them all together??

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Ev said...

Lately I've been using a Bronzer from the MAC To the Beach Collection ... now i want to try that Wet'n Wild bronzer, and Hoola is on my wishlist as well ... great review!

makeupattitude said...

I have two bronzers, mac's golden and essence mosaic compact powder in "Sunkissed beauty" which are slightly shimmery, but I often reach for Poudre Majeur Excellence (Lancome) in shade 3, it is mat and not to dark or too light, it's perfect for warming up my complexion :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. xx

I'm dark so I don't use bronzer for dimension/contouring or to appear tan or bronze, but I do like the fact it gives me a healthy glow. I like bronzers with a bit of shimmer to them. I use MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Deeper Bronze or Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Powder in Haute Gold. I enjoy using them both. :)

Sana said...

Love this post. You should try Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. I wrote a post on it. Its an amazing matte bronzer and it smells sooooooooo good.


Widdlesh said...

Dude, I'm itchin to try Hoola! Next time I get the money to haul at Sephora, I'm definitely picking this up!

Shadowy Lady said...

You have a nice bronzer collection. My faves are Nars Laguna and Too Faced Sun Bunny (this one I only wear when I have a tan)

she walks iin beauty said...

Great post! Hoola is my faaavorite bronzer but I'm tempted to try a few different ones. Have you tried any by Smashbox?


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Fabulous post as usual taking notes. I wear bronzers year round too and love them matte. The only one I have is a LE n.Y.C and I'm soon about to thit the pan.

Beverly said...

@Ev I liked MAC Refined Golden which they repromote every summer in LE packaging but its not LE. I love the hoola & Princess you should try them!

@Makeup Attitude Lancome has pretty bronzers. I worked for them & liked them but we have different ones in the states.

@StealMyHeartLove I LOVE bronzers on deeper complexions! It gives a glow like you said.

@Sana I'll have to check that out on my next trip to sephora!

@Widdlesh You NEED Hoola! Its so pretty & smooth!

@Shadowy Lady I have the Too Faced one it came in the Enchanted Palette I bought! I forgot all about it!

@She Walks iin Beauty I have tried SmashBox ones in the past and they werent bad!

@Hell Notes for BeautyNYC has one i've been meaning to try! I need to make a list I heard good things about their bronzers =]

Katie said...

I am so pale, I never even tried bronzer in my life. Hell, it took me 2 years to learn how to apply brush and not look like a candied apple! I always admire ladies who pull off bronzer, but I just don't see myself ever wearing it.


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