Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eye's Chic Lashes

A couple weeks ago PR for kkcenterhk contacted me with the opportunity to review some lashes.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a lash addicted among other make-up & beauty related products, so I accepted.  & I was not dissapointed!

kkcenterhk is a website that is based out of Hong Kong thats sells Lashes, Wigs, Cosmetics, & Nail supplies of various brands.  Thought they are located overseas do not be fooled, I received my package with in a week!  Yes, 7 days from the day they confirmed that they sent it out.  & it was very well packed with bubble wrap to ensure that the product got to me the way the sent it.
The price of the box is very reasonable compared to what one pair of lashes will run you.  A pair of lashes can run from $2-6 depending on the brand & where you get them from. A box of EYE's CHIC lashes will cost $13.45 for 10 pairs, which means every pair of lashes comes out to $1.35.  Which is extremely in expensive.

I got sent a box of 10 pairs of Eye's Chic lashes that included 2 different syles, 5 pairs of each. Both lashes sold separately but still 10 pairs in a box.

EYE'S CHIC 805 $13.45 [BUY HERE] 
These lashes were actually my favorites (if i had to choose).  The band was sturdy BUT NOT stiff like some other lashes.  & Tho there are synthetic they do not have the shiny, plasticy feel that some synthetic lashes tend to have. They are very well made & one pair will last a couple uses, if cared for properly.  I like the design, a lot actually.  They look natural enough that those who feel some type of way about wearing lashes during the day can get away with it but have an bit of added drama on the outer corner.  The criss-cross style is very flattering.


EYE'S CHIC 819 $13.45 [BUY HERE]
This lash is very dramatic but in style as a lot of star like Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardashian tend to wear styles like this.  I got a lot of compliments online & off about this lash.  It opens your eye right up.  This lash was a bit stiffer than the previous but nothing that a little working of the lash band couldn't help.  It could be because the band on this lash is a CM thicker than the other.  This lash is also synthetic BUT again not shiney & plasticy looking.  The lash is very durable but definitely not for the faint of heart, as it will give your eyes major drama.


OVERALL, I recommend these lashes.  I had nothing but a good things said to me about them from total strangers & I had a great experience with kkcenterhk.


DISCLAIMER:  KK CenterHK sent products for consideration for product reviewI am not being payed for this review & the opinions are my own .

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Priscilla said...

Glad to see your blog up and running! =) I love the lashes; however, the 819's look frickin' FABULOUS on you!!! =)

Big Vanity Box said...

So many pretty lashes!!

jilliandanica said...

The 805s are so pretty! And I seriously love your makeup. You're inspiring me to play with color again!

Ev said...

you just sold me on getting these!

JC! :) said...

I really like how the 805's look but honestly I think you look great with both of them. My eyes are very fussy; I've yet to find falsies mine work with, so I am very envious.

MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

Both look GORGEOUS on you!

Anonymous said...

I really love the look of both sets of lashes. The second ones are dramatic without being overly done. Very nice!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

U are freakin Gorge Bev! U rock the shiatt outta them lashes! love it!

♥ Natalie said...

You always look great! Love the lashes on you! ♥

Sue said...

they look great!

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

I like these lashes...



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