Monday, July 18, 2011

Wet & Wild Dream Weavers

Running my Sunday morning errands, I ran across the Dream Weavers display.  I snatched up the 6 trios & went home! LOL I completely forgot the rest of my errands.  All I know is that I wanted to jump right in & play with them, but the blogger in me wouldn't let me until I took pictures of everything.  Always the internal struggle.

[LEFT - RIGHT] Dancing in the Clouds, We're Blasting Off, Enter a New Realm

[LEFT - RIGHT] Earth Looks Small from Down Here, Bright Idea, Fly Me to the Moon


TOP: Dancing on the Clouds BOTTOM: We're Blasting Off

Enter a New Realm

TOP: Earth Looks Small from Down Here MIDDLE: Bright Idea BOTTOM: Fly Me To the Moon

Which trios have caught your eye???


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Jaime said...

I neeeeeeed We're Blasting Off but these haven't shown up around me yet. I've checked about 10 places and now I have friends in other states looking for me! lol

WalkInMyEyeShadow said...

Damn it! I wish we got these in Australia, I have never seen anything with quality that good for that price here anywhere, everything is crap :(

I'd probably get every one of them if I had the chance lol. Nice haul :)

NarsCupcake said...

where you get these at?

Courtney said...

Thanks for swatches! :] So far I just want Enter the Realm & Dancing in the Clouds.

kandie said...

I asolutely LOVE Wet n Wild products!! They're very affordable and the quality has come a long way since its birth. Besides my L'oreal e/s in Shady, I reach for my WnW trios a lot. Definitely have to pick these up as soon as they're available in my area. Thanks for the swatches

Mei Mei said...

I'm dying for theses.... ahhhh! Thanks for the swatches ♥


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