Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old VS. New

It was love at first sight for me & the Mac 226 brushes many moons ago, when it was released with Blonde, Brunette, Redhead.  I'm what you may call a brush whore, especially when the shape isn't something that is readily available.  Yes, the 226 is a crease brush, but the original brush tapered in to get in precisely into the crease.  The new brush however, is shaped differently. Its fluffier & not as tapered as the original. More like a 226 & 224 had a baby.

TOP: New 226 BOTTOM: Old 226


LEFT: New 226 Right: Old 226

You can clearly see its not the same brush.  But I like both. I also read that some people where comparing the new 226 to the Sonia Kashuk Blending brush. So I whipped mine out to compare.
While both brushes look similar the new 226 is a smaller, denser brush.  The Sonia Kashuk is fluffier.

You can find the new 226 currently in Mac Stores but not online and while supplies last.  You could check for the Old 226 at you local CCO's.

Hope that helps.


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HeartDollie♥ said...

I wish I would have went & got the old 226 when it was out, now I want both the new & old, damn you Beverly lols, Great Post <3

Celia said...

i think i like the look of the old one better. no preference?

Jess said...

Oh wow, that's a BIG difference! I've got a few brushes very similar to the new style... I think I'll try & search for the old version. Looks better. Thanks for the comparison!

Leigh said...

I never had the 1st 226 but I bought this new release and I love it! It blends almost perfectly for me and I think its the fluffiness that helps. The old one looks like its great for placement of color. I'm on the search at the CCO's now! Xo

Jacquelyn said...

I have both the old and new 226 brush and I love the new one better. Ihave been using my old 226 for the crease since I got it with Colour Craft on that same year when Brunette, Blonde and Redhead Collection came out with that brush.


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