Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smoked Plum Paprika & Ballerina Lashes

Lately I've been wearing lashes everyday that i wear make-up.  A look isn't complete to me any more if I don't have them on.  For the past couple of weeks I've been using the same brand of lashes in different styles which I keep getting questions about.

& Lately I've been obsessed with orange eyeshadow tho you may not be able to tell because i haven't been able to post like I would like.

EYES: MAC Naked pigment, MUFE #58, MAC Hepcat & Sketch, MAC Hot Paprika, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara & Ballerina Lashes
 CHEEKS: Milani Bellissimo Bronze & MAC Perfect Topping MSF
LIPS: Revlon Soft Nude & MAC Purr

Now onto my new favorite Lashes...

I can not express how much I love these lashes.  Both are perfect for everyday wear.  The CM401's give lashes a bit more of volume, while CM405's add a bit of drama but nothing over the top. They are synthetic but are not shiny like some synthetic lashes tend to be.  & they are so lightweight.  You do not feel these lashes when they are on at all. The bands are thin & so are the fibers. Both boxes contain 10 pairs and is priced at $13.20 which is a steal because nowadays its hard to find lashes for less that $2.

These lashes look very natural on me when i wear them.  They are about the same length as mine and blend right in when applied.  I like that the lashes are criss-crossed at the band. It adds to how natural they end up looking.

 These are my go to lashes when I want a bit of drama but with out looking a like a drag queen during the day.  They tend to open up my eyes to look like doll eyes.  The quality is great. I've worn one pair like 5 times and they still look great.


The lash fibers are so thin that you can't see them in any of the closed eye pictures i took.  Only in the open-eyed pictures could tell that one lash is more dramatic than the other.

The lashes can be found here.


DISCLAIMER: KKcenterHK provided lashes for review purposes.

6 loving:

Blanca1018♥ said...

Gorgeous! <3

Jessica said...

Your so pretty love this look.

Tamara said...

Love the look (so Fall!) And the lashes are cute. I even like the cute pink packaging.

Priscilla said...

Amiga you look amazing!! =D

Lais said...

gorgeous look!

I really like those lashes!

Courtney said...

The CM401`s are REALLY cute. Love your eye makeup & the colors you used.


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