Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Maybe you know maybe you don't but Urban Decay recently released a liquid foundation that was raved about all over the nets.  I'm not one to follow the crowd yet I'm ALWAYS on the pursuit for flawless skin. Now when dealing with foundations I tend get samples and test them out first just to see how my skin responds & get an accurate color match. I've been getting a lot of questions recently as to how I like it? So after testing it out for several weeks these are my pro's & con's so far.

Currently I'm at least a MAC NC30 leaning more towards NC35. & have been testing out Naked 4.0 & 5.0 of which 4.0 seems a tad too light & 5.0 isn't a straight yellow tone foundation. It has some pink which I don't like. 

-- Extremely lightweight
-- good coverage
-- buildable
-- semi-matte so I don't have to use a powder

-- claims to be "luminous" but I don't get that look

I'm still on the fence about this foundation which is why I haven't purchased it. But i'm strongly considering it.

Recent looks using Naked foundation....

Have you tried this foundation yet??? Thoughts???


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Dyno Pretty Pup said...

Wow love the last look! x

Anonymous said...

Your skin looks luminous to me! lol

Great post, you look gorgeous in all your photos. :)


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