Friday, June 25, 2010


Twenty three years ago my mom was in labor 9 days late, but i was on my way.   The second child what would later on in life be 3.  Every year we get one day to ourselves.  OUR DAY! Today is different for me.  I wasn't in the same place i was last year and not the same place i'll be next year.  I've lost friends and made new ones.  What was yesterday is now gone.  Today i just find myself blessed.  Blessed to be alive.  Blessed to have a home.  Blessed to be able to eat.  Blessed to be surround by my family.  Blessed to be surrounded by love.  So this day in age where there are wars going on,  devastating natural disasters happening every day I just want to THANK GOD because without my faith in him i would be lost, My Mami and Papi because they have supported me thru the good and the bad and continually believe in me no matter what.  My sister and my brother for all the fights and laughs we have had.  and my friends who to me are an extension to my family who are there to pick me up when times are hard and let me know the real deal and put me in check.  Twenty three years i am blessed with and hopefully many more. 



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