Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Sex!

so the night before my b-day my friends and i decided we would go out my bday but i had no idea where because i've completely 180'd from last year LOL i used to be out with my girls almost every night last summer oh well i guess i'm getting old lmao!  We were planning to go to AVENUE at pier village in LB, NJ but when we got there they had 2 lines curling around the corner and IDKY because i looked up and there was like NO ONE there!  ANNOYING so we ended up going down the street to our old spot MIX i had never been there on a sat. we used to go every monday because martini's were 1/2 off. Well neways it was so fun they had a dj who actually played good music =]. friends + liquid yums+ good music = happy me! lol Random people were telling me happy b-day all night and i was too buzzed to ask how they knew LMAO! neways onto the make-ups 

i had no idea what i wanted to do so i just went with it and i LOVED the out come! and so many girls stopped me to tell me they loved it =]

MUFE aqua flash color (lid only)
MAC shadows -- Vanilla (inner, highlight), Aqua(2/3's lid),  Aquadisiac (outer lid), Cool Heat (lower lashine, outer v),  creme de violet (crease), eyepopping (lower lashline), Carbon (outer V)
MUFE #92 (to darken the crease)
NYX brow duo powder in dark brown
LANCOME artliner in Noir
Covergirl lashblast fusion mascara in very black
ELF brightening eyeliner in black
custom lashes i made by cutting up ardel 111's and wispies and putting them on top of elf dramatic lashes

MAC face &body C2
MAC select cover up NC20/30
MUD cosmetics loose powder Zero & buttercream
MAC msf natural in dark (bronzer)
MAC emote blush (contour)
MAC eversun bpb
BE genuine jade (highlight)

MAC sublime shine dazzlecream

camera whoring again sorry =/

xOxO Beverly 

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NYCSh0paholic said...

WOW! Absolutely beautiful! I would've stopped you also to let you know! =D

Love it!!!!

NYCSh0paholic said...

And Happy Bday girl! LOL- you're getting old!? LOL And what age would old be? Because you look FAAARRRR from it! ;)

prettyaspeaches said...

Awesome FOTD! Love this look!!!

Jen said...

totally gorgeous look! colorful and sexy. i always love looking at your fotd's! they always inspire me for my future looks.

Beverly said...


@NYCshopaholic i'm not that old lol i just turned 23 but i feel old because last year i used to be out all night got to work and do it again this year i'm so out of it =]

@pretty as peaches thank you your always a doll

@jen i always go to your blog for inspiration too its so funny thanks you!

KrySTYLES said...

I'm loving this and the last look Beverly! I need to get going with more FOTD's soon. You inspire me hun!


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