Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Late Nite Tar-Jay shopping

My niece and i were bored so we decided to hit up our favorite store TARGET for some late night shopping. While i was there a realized they were revamping the cosmetics and the were stocking up some new ELF things. I didn't get much because there wasn't a lot of selection. I got lashes because i figured they're $1 so you can't go wrong. and I love the brightening eyeliner it stays on my waterline better than anything else i've ever used, MAC, Urban Decay, Nars included. I was looking at the Sonia Kashuck section because i needed some brushes but it was a mess so i walked away. And my niece and i swore it was going to be nice today so we got the taning oil and magazine so we could relax well, today the only day i had free ended up being cloudy with chances of storm... OH well i'll just work on some more looks =]

xOxO Beverly

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Fintia said...

hehehe enjoy your goodies!

Beverly said...

thanks love!


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