Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've been a busy lady

As the weather gets warmer i find myself doing more and more things and have less time for relaxing things like blogging. Last week was my nephews first birthday and from than on i was overwhelmed with planning and baking and cooking for his party. It also seems like kids these days have more social events than i did at that age and now combined. Every week my niece is invited to so type of sleepover, party, bbq. Saturday she was invited to a graduation party for one of her friends and it was more formal so i did her hair, make-up, and nails.

these were done at like 2am because she's a brat and i give in to her JK! i was busy and had promised her so although i was tired i whipped this up

CHINA GLAZE adhesion basecoat
CHINA GLAZE shocking pink nailpolish
CHINA GLAZE pool party nail polish
CHINA GLAZE innocence nail polish
CHINA GLAZE medallion nail polish
ART DECO strippers-- white, baby pink, pink, black and silver glitter
SECHE VITE dry fast topcoat

than i got up early to do her hair which is work and a half because she has so much hair! it took me like and hour and a half just to curl her hair and i'm so used to banging out prom up-dos in 30-45 minutes.

and idc what anyone thinks IN MY OPINION if a girl is wearing bras and shaving doing doing all that girly crap she should be taught how to take care of her skin and be able to wear a little make-up. My parents are very hispanic so she's not allowed to wear make-up up on a daily basis but when she's going out we always play around. An i think she looks fab. with just a little powder, mascara, gloss and i used bronzer so she'd look more alive. and btw she is 13 and i've seen girls younger than her looking hella crazy with tons of foundation and bronzer and eyeliner. Simplicity is key!

I dusted PUR minerals powder in Golden medium all over her face
MAC dark msf as bronzer
LANCOME definicils mascara
MAC eversun blush topped with MAC redhead msf
and used Stepping Out dazzleglass

not to much to achieve a polished look =]

xOxO Beverly

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thickandsassy said...

love her nails, should do a tutorial on them


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