Friday, July 9, 2010

Basic Beat -- Lid Brushes

This is a new series that i'm going to be doing where i respond to your questions in detail!  So if you have a question ask away!

Something a lot of people including some of you ladies always ask me are what brushes i use.  I use so many that i broke them down by categories lid, crease, blending, misc. eye brushes, foundation, powder, blush ... So every couple of days i'll be posting these up.  I'm going to start with eyes because i know that what people ask about the most.  

Left - Right : Bare Essentials duo brush (got in a kit), Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush, Coastal Scents C153, MAC 239, MUD cosmetics #350 shadow/blender brush, MUD cosmetics #300 small shadow brush, Coastal Scents random brush,  Essence of Beauty shadow brush, Japonesque #230 eyeshadow fluff brush, Studio Tools Medium & large shadow 

Bare Essentials duo brush --  I got this in a kit with 3 loose shadows but it is one of my most used brushes.  Its tightly packed bristles help to pack shadow on the lid.  The other end is a blender brush .

Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush --  Another brush that i reach for often.   It packs on the color and i helps to blend it into the crease.  I not only use this for the lid but also to apply my highlight.  This is like the drugstore dupe for the MAC 239.  And it lasts i've had this brushes for at least 3 years.  Get the one with the white handle as its about 1/2 the price of her professional line.  I think i payed about $5 for this brush.  I love this brush so much that i give it out in gifts for my friends and family.

Coastal Scents C153 large chisel brush -- Its fluffy yet has tightly packed bristles.  I used this brush to give an all over wash of color on the lid,  blend out colors and pack on shadows .  Its very versatile for varies lid sizes.  It was very inexpensive no more than $5 and again i've had this brush for years they might not even make it anymore idk.  

MAC 239--  I love this brush!  Def.  in my top 10 brushes and i think everyone should have at least one.  Its tightly packed bristles help to pack color on the lid.  Hands down i go to this brush first.   It works well with both dry and wet products.  It is a little pricey at $24.50 but it last for forever and mine has never shed and are hand made.  So you pay for quality.

MUD cosmetics #350 shadow blender brush --  its a firm oval shaped brush that i used to pack on colors and apply creamy colors to the eye..  It works well with pigments wet or dry and its oval shaped tips help to blend the color at the same time.  I went to Make-Up Designory and this is one of there own products.  I got this brush when i got my kit but i believe in a lot of their products.  All of their brushes being one of them.  This one is no exception at $26.50 its quality your paying for as I've had this brush for 4 years and its still in tip top shape. 

MUD cosmetics #300 small shadow brush--  Its exactly the same as the shadow brush except smaller.  I use this brush to pack on color on my inner lid,  when i use shadows to line my lashline even to smoke out liners.  Its flat and firm and works well with creams and powders.  My brush i've had for about 4 years and it hasn't shed and is still in perfect shape. I even use it to apply lipstick so at $19 with its many uses its worth the money.

Coastal Scents random brush -- I bought this brush last year at the Make-Up Show.  It reminded me of the MAC 213.  Its small and packed tightly.  I use this for my inner lid, smudge, and pack colors on the lower lid.  It was only a couple dollars so its def. one to look out for its very useful.

Essence of Beauty shadow brush--  This is one of those inexpensive drugstore gems that is rare to find.  Its soft so i use it for all over color and to blend out any harsh lines in between colors.  I've had this for a while and while the CVS site says its $5.49 i might have gotten this in a set if i remember.  Its even better when you catch them on sale.  I recommend this brush for all the ladies trying to get affordable quality brushes.  I would also check out come of their other brushes like the crease one.

Studio Tools Medium & Large shadow brushes --  Both of these brushes are only a couple bucks while not the first brushes i reach for they are good to have.  They're very soft and hardly shed hair.  I use them both to apply cream and powder shadows and blend out colors.  At about $2 each if your not looking to spend a ton of money but want decent brushes these are what your looking for.

NOTE: I PAYED for all of these with my own hard earned money.  I'm not sponsored by any of these companies heck they probably don't even know i exist.  I recommend all these brushes for various stated reasons.   I create this post so you guys can she want brushes i use for what and why.  And because you ladies asked!

xOxO Beverly

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MyFitBeauty said...

Hey Hun! love your list of brushes for the lid - can't wait to see the other ones you use :) (i'm beginning to become a brushoholic lol)

I wanted to let you know i've tagged you on a blog award! ;)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Great post! I need to upgrade my brushes.


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