Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm a redhead! well kinda... i've been wanting to go red for a while but i been going back and forth with it because it's high maintenance well the other day i decided i needed a change and 2 hours later i was a redhead!  I decided to go the safe way and not bleach out my hair first to get an even color in one blow i used a high lift red for dark hair which i have and it covered it but the top of my hair is a brighter red than the ends which is a work in progress for me i am a certified  colorist and decided that this was the best way for me to keep my hair healthy and not feeling like straw .... in the pictures you can kinda see it but it looks darker than it actually is BUT I AM HAPPY WITH IT!  I needed a major change i love it!

mufe white flash color
MAC shadows -- vanilla, carbon
BEN NYE shadows-- cosmic violet, amethyst
  MUFE #92
L'oreal Lineur intense liner in carbon
ELF brightening eyeliner in black
L'oreal voluminous mascara in black
Covergirl lashblast fusion in very black

MAC face & body C2
MAC select cover-up NC20/30
MUD loose powders in ZERO & BUTTERCREAM
MAC eversun blush
MUD warm bisque blush
MAC Stereo rose MSF
MAC MSF natural in dark
MAC select cover-up NC20/30
loose powder
MAC naked space lipgloss

i'm goin to try and see if my cam will capture more accurate pics of my hair im going to have to take them outside reguardless its my new thing and its a work in progress =]

love and lipgloss 

7 loving:

TiffanyMonet said...

Wow,so pretty! Purple my favorite color..

Beverly said...

thank you tiffany mine too! i do a lot of purple looks because it makes my eyes look green =]

prettyaspeaches said...

I adore this look on you! You really need a youtube chanel. Love the hair too :)

Fintia said...

That purple is so pretty!

Sara.H said...

WOW this is just amazing :) love the color combo and girl you are just excellent at it

Beverly said...

No youtube for me right now idk i just can't be bothered with it because i started my blog because i love make-up and to me youtube is mostly about people trying to get $$ and showing off what companies sent them

but i'll try and do a picture tutorial soon!

Celia said...

great bold color!


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