Monday, August 30, 2010

10 things I love ...

I was tagged by Widdlesh OH EM GEE if you haven't seen her blog go check it out!  She's so cute and artsy not to mention great at make-up. She comes up with some color combos. <333 her

1.  My Family:  cliche yes! but honestly I wouldn't be here without my mom & dad even tho I probably drive them nuts their unconditional love and support helped me to get where I am.  & My sista Dolly, bruda Ruben Jr., nieces Jocelyn & Jascenia, and my nephew Jonathan.  Oh and my baby boo kiwi! She's the dog you want to have she loves to cuddle but isn't needy yet shes always ready to love you back.

She's a pure breed bishon that was a gift for my oldest niece Jocelyn but everyone but her takes care of Kiwii.  Kiwi has this habit of loving to lay on clothes so here she is laying on my jacket lol.
Jocelyn & Jascenia
Jocelyn & Ruben
Jonathan aka "Pollo" LOL

2. Hair: My first love will always be hair although we are separated at the current moment.  After working in a salon for 4 years I was starting to get bored so I had to distance myself from it.  But one day i'll go back plus I'm always cutting & coloring hair in my house so i'm good.

3. Shopping: I couldn't just narrow it down to buying one thing like shoes or purses so i'll keep it broad.  Seriously I hardly ever buy anything when its not on sale, even if i love it and have to have it.  Try it! Wait a couple days and check circulars and such and it will go on sale.  Learned that from my mom especially when clothes shopping.

4. Color:  I'm always changing something up in my room, hair, or anything because I get bored of the color.  Hence why my make-up is always different.  I've always been good with color regardless of what it is sometimes I wish I could paint.  (adding that to my bucket list =])  Ironic that my clothes is ALWAYS black!

5. Cooking: I have a big family and if my mom isn't home to cook it's my job to make something.  Its something that I want to improve on but I love when the kids run up and say that its good and if they say it than it must be true.

6. Holidays: I get into them all!  My favorites being Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas & Valentines day (yes! it really is a holiday to me idc if people get bitter about it).  Oh and easter too.  I always go all out for my sisters kids with candy and toys.  Not to mention we are always baking something to celebrate.

7.  Fall: My favorite time of the year.  I love to wear sweaters and skinnies and boots.  I love when the leave change colors.  The weather is neither too cold or too hot.  And around here we go pumpkin & apple picking.  There are orchards and farms close by so its easy to get fresh fruits for baking. IDK but i always bake in the fall.  

8. Yankees: As much as I am a "girly girl" I have ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be a Yankee fan.  I love baseball or sports in general.  I actually understand what is going on not just watch it for the guys (although there are some cute ones!)  I can recite facts, stats, and will watch almost every game all season long.  and lets not even get into it because I get nasty over my team!  Ask my brother he'll tell you that from last World Series when he was being a hater I almost beat his ass and all my friends thought it was funny.  Sports are serious for me!  Its also a way me and my dad bond even thought he's a Mets fan (ewww!). 

9.  Men's Cologne: There is nothing sexier (to me ;o)) than a man who smells good!  When i have to buy a present from a man I always buy cologne, obviously a different one for everybody.  I got my dad Acqua di Gio years ago for Father's Day years ago and he won't wear anything else.  My brother always likes when I pick him out colognes. 

10.   Make-Up: Just because I don't buy it as often anymore doesn't mean i don't love it.  I'm still a junkie.  I can't wait to run to the car and try out my goodies (although now i try not too for blogging sakes =]).  Its like an excitement that I get and i just can't wait to get it. It can be any brand from high end to drugstore, if it works good its all the same for me!

OK So i'm supposed to tag 10 of you BUT i'll tag whomever wants to do this as a way to get to know more of you!  SO get going beauties!


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