Monday, August 30, 2010

Make-Upgasms: Eva, Kim, Sofia & Burlesque

So last night were the Emmys award show .. blah blah blah! I only watch the pre shows for hair, make-up and dresses LOL!  Hey at least I'm honest! I saw a lot of neutrals, no make-up looks.  Well I missed most the pre-show because I went to dinner but these are the ladies that I saw that caught my eye! 

Eva Longoria Parker
I think she flies under a lot of radars but she is ALWAYS on point!  I loved her hair and make-up it complimented her dress very well.  I loved that her hair was soft and pulled back but not messy.  Her make-up was all about a smudged liner and lashes to make her eye pop.  FAB all around

Sofia Vergara
loved her look too!  She's way more classier now than when I remember her from my younger years.  I loved how her hair & make-up were simple to let her form fitting Carolina Hererra gown be the main eye catcher.  

Kim Kardashian

I love me some Kim K because her make-up is always on the money.  Last night was no different!  I love that she kept her make-up simple.  Her lashes were to die for and she's def. wearing a nude liner on her waterline.  My only gripe is that her hair stylist must've sprayed TOO much hair spray in the front of her hair because it looks to stiff n sticky to me (does that make sense).  Her dress was also fab!  She looked like a Greek princess.  

There were also some others but these are the ladies that i could remember ...
WHO were your favorites???  Any looks I should recreate?? suggest it!

oh & this too

how fab is X-tina's cut crease and lashes?!?!?!  Love it!


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