Monday, August 2, 2010

ELF Beauty Book Swatch-a-pa-looza!

Remember those ELF Beauty Book Palettes I was telling you about earlier???  Well the proof is in the pudding as they say LOL!

So without further adieu here are swatches with and without primer and some surprises at the end =}!

NOTE: None of these shadows have a name or number so I swatched them by rows in the order they were in the palette


Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion

Swatched over bare skin

Top Row
No Primer

Middle Row
No Primer

Bottom Row
Primer with a swatch of Cafe eyeliner which is included in this palette
No Primer

Overall thoughts this is still my favorite palette!  Most of the colors are go on smooth as butter with the exception of the last color in the middle row which was a little chalky and splotchy without primer.  That's not a problem to me because I primer my eyes every time.  I'm not going to comment of the packaging because it was $5 as long as the make-up itself is good which it is!  Recommended MUST BUY!


W/ Primer
Without Primer

Top Row
w/ Primer
w/o primer

Middle Row
w/ primer
w/o primer

Bottom Row
w/ primer
w/o primer

Overall thoughts  Some of these colors were chunky because they were glittery.  I'm not one to like glittery shadows but that is me. The glittery shadows did have a lot of fall out which is to be expected. Still for only $5 its a great buy and although the black in this palette was glittery it when on so smooth!  It is love!  


Does this palette look familiar???
Please pay the state of my palette no mind! It was one of my first more expensive beauty buys when it first came out!  I was probably like 18 and had now clue about make-up but its still kicking!

Doesn't it resemble the Bright Eyes Edition???

Yeah! so I swatched some colors that looked alike from the ELF Bright Eyes Edition Beauty Book to colors from the Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Left - Right: Urban Decay Maui Wowie, ELF dupe, Urban Decay Griffter, ELF Dupe

Left - Right: Urban Decay Mildew, Elf Dupe, Urban Decay Last Call, ELF dupe

Urbane Decay shattered, ELF dupe (a tad bit darker but same tone in color)

Top Row: ELF glittery white, ELF glittery black  Bottom Row: Urban Decay Polyester Bride, Oilslick 

Left - Right:  disregard first color,  Elf color, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy, ELF dupe

If you have these Beauty Books or the Smokey edition what are your thought???

Hope this was helpful for somebody!


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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Great post! I'm loving the neutral palette very nice swatches thanks!]

Eyebrights has such a nice purple.

Beverly said...

the neutral one was my favorite too i'm going to try and post a look like tomorrow!

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh! Its a dupe for sure! I have no elf eyeshadows... I need this one in my life asap!!
Thanks for the post!


Beverly said...

i didn't have any elf eyeshadows either til i bought these and i'm happy i did

glam doll lumi said...

omg these elf shadows are fabulous! i'm going to look into them.. thanks for sharing doll!!

she walks iin beauty said...

Great review! I just did one these palettes also! Oh btw, I want to let you know that I nominated you for two awards. (:


thickandsassy said...

i am so going to my target, and grab all the shadow books


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