Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Memento Mori Look

I don't have the energy to think of a clever post name ....I woke up today so sickies!  But I made sure I put my best face on plus I have so many different combos in mind with these new palettes i'm trying to bang them out.  I only had one class today but let me tell you my teacher is a mess!  LOL ratings said he was good & he was hott.  UMMMM this man looks & talks like he's out of a OG gangster movie IE.  The godfather.  NO LIE!  He had the bronx accent, cursed frequently & that IDGAF nyc swag.  But I can tell he's gunna be a good teacher. He's right to the point and none of that BS fluffy busy work teachers give you.  He's a screenwriter that is getting one of his plays published right now.  So I'm hella stoked to learn from somebody like that.  He writes crime stuff like the sopranos LOL surprise surprise.  Whatever  It took me longer to get ready for class than I was there for real!  Its almost a 3 hour class he let us out within and hour and says he usually does. GREAT!  

BACK to make-up I pulled out the Momento Mori palette again.  I love it.  IDK if its because Halloween is coming and the theme of the palette is Dia del los Muertos (day of the dead).  HMMM i'll try & put the other one to use tomorrow.  Promise!  How weird is it that I took pictures and NONE looking at the camera???  I was def. out of it this morning!  P.S.  I love the WET & WILD Vanity Palette!  I've used it everyday since I got it ... Review on that coming up next =]

MAC rubenesque paint pot (lid)
WET & WILD vanity palette -- Matte Beige (highlight),  Matte Camel (crease transition)
KAT VON D Memento Mori --  Sugar Skull (inner corner),  Agatha Pink (lid),  Peggy (crease),  Solitude (lower lashline),  Tijuana (outer corner),  Hard Luck (outer crease)
L'OREAL lineur intense liquid liner in Carbon Black
ELF brightening liner in Black
LANCOME cils booster
MAYBELLINE falsies mascara in Very Black

MAYBELLINE define-a-brow in dark brown
Koh Gen Do Concealer Duo in #4

MAC face & body C2
MAC select cover-up concealer NC20
MUD cosmetics loose powder in Zero (under eye)
MAC msf natural in dark (bronzer)
NYX taupe blush
NYX Peach blush
MAC perfect topping MSF

WET & WILD 903C Just Peachy
MAC bonus beat lipglass

Natural Light (i look so pale even with bronzer ugghh its cus I'm sick boo!)


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Amandita said...

oh wow,,, I love the color combination =)

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

So pretty! I love it. I have this palette and will try this combo!

Widdlesh said...

Gorgeous look! I esp love the way your lips look! So perfectly pink and dolly! It goes great with your eyes :)

And MAN, do I love It's literally how I choose my classes haha! :)

Leah ♥ said...

beautiful as always, girl you dont look sick one bit...I wish I was as lucky as you when it came to professors! I have to stay the whole 3 hours in a boring as class! anyhoo, very pretty!!! I love that pop of purple at the end

Beverly said...

@amandita thanks!

@miss nikka let me know when you post it i love to see other's combinations and such its such a pretty palette

@widdlesh thanks i've been loving those wet & wild lipsticks lately

& yes is the bomb i choose all my classes depending on the ratings LOL

@leah thanks doll! i am so sick i sound like a man LOL and i had the worst luck my first semester til i found out about rate my professor it works =]

Reina said...

Very pretty!

Sue said...

I love this color combo!!!! and yup!! I am also a huge fan of the wet and wild palettes! They are great, I wish they come out with more colors!!

Beverly said...

@ reina thanks =]

@sue i was never into drugstore products hence why i had so much MAC until I dabbled with Wet & wild they dominating drugstore buys right now
They'd be crazy not to make more =]

blazeno.8 said...

Your looks are always on the money.

Yourz Truly Jess said...

gorgeous Beverly! as always your work is impeccable :)

Beverly said...

@blazeno 8 thanks girl i miss your posts

@jess thanks love!


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