Friday, September 10, 2010


For the lack of posts dolls =[.  I've been sick for days and school started.  Tonight is Fashion's Night Out in NYC which I will be attending.  OH and ill be recording video as I purchased a camcorder YUP YUP!  Anyways I'm hoping to stop by Rickey's or Lush to purchase lashes and stuff for my giveaway =]  I have reviews coming up too I've just had to get caught up with homework.  UGHHH! I already have 2 papers and a PowerPoint due for next week.  So yea keep a look out dolls =]] 

THANKS for riding with me!


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Jen said...

have fun! wish i could be in NY now! btw did u get my package

lauraluvsMAC said...

HAVE FUN! and I hope you get better! to get them looks going ;0)

ashbe said...

Feel better.

I seriously LOVE your blog. Never apologize for lack of posts, you have a life, you're busy!

What classes are you taking?!

Beverly said...

@jen NYC was alive last night wish you could have been here and YES i did get your package THANK YOU!

@laura thanks doll you know i've been wearing make-up for days but i haven't taken a picture of at least 2 looks ugghh!

@ashbe thanks doll but i feel like this is my baby and i got such a good response from you ladies that I LOVE to put time into it

and i'm a business major so this semester i'm taking a history class english class basic computer class (lol its mandatory) and cultural studies class =]


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