Friday, September 3, 2010

Back 2 School

It starts like in Mid-July but i'm running late on this bandwagon because I wasn't sure if I was going to take this semester off or not.  BUT I decided that I want to get my degree sooner than later.  Unlike the younger kids I'm always shopping or buying so I don't run out and buy new clothes PLUS I have no one to impress.  I've come to the conclusion that my style is simple because my make-up isn't & i'm cool with that.  I'm truly a V-Neck and Skinnies kind of girl.  I don't wear many accessories & 99% of my closet is black.  That being said, Its the reason why I don't do that many fashion posts.  BUT I'm also a bargain shopper so I just wanted to show a small Clothes Haul from Old Navy that I did yesterday.

I got 2 Boyfriend Cardigans for when it gets colder even though I have like 1000000000000 cardigans they were $10 each so why not.  Plus since I'm 5'1 I add a belt and wear them as a dress with leggings or skinny jeans and boots.  So quick & cute especially when I have to be at class by 8am (i'm so not a morning person!)

I also got 2 v-necks because they were $6.  Like I stated before I live in V-necks & purchase them in bulk when they are this cheap.  I got these colors because slowly but surely i'm trying to incorporate color into my wardrobe (probably will not happen LOL).

I'm just a simply dressed girl with extravagant make-up (sometimes!).  And I like it that way.  II leave fashion to the fashionistas!

Did anybody do Back 2 School or Fall clothes shopping????


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Queenie Keisha's Beauty Blog said...

I'm a shorty too(I'm 5'0)and I wear a belt with almost everything, a dress or t-shirt with leggings. I love ur style!! We have similar styles.

Beverly said...

THANK YOU! I get requests for fashion stuff all the time but i dont feel im tha fashionable my style is plain & yes i belt everything because i'm short i get away with wearing stuff as dresses lol

thickandsassy said...

I love thoes v neck tees, good with jeans. to dress it up wear some cute flats and a scarve keep it going


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