Friday, September 3, 2010

Have You Ever ... ???

lost something you loved, looked all over and couldn't find it, gave up hope AND then you find it when you least expect it???  YEAH !?!? Me too!  It just happened to me!  I KNOW every piece of make-up I have and when its lost I KNOW!  Crazy right!  My niece is amazed that I just know. But whatever LONG story short,  last year I got really sick, I couldn't walk up & down the stairs in my apartment so I moved in with my parents.  My mom moved everything & when I moved back recently I was missing things.  More importantly in my life Make-up.  More specifically  MAC guilty by association MES (which is still missing BOO!) &  my KAT VON D LUDWIG palette.  I LOVE this palette for quick neutral eyes & smokey eyes SO when I found out it was missing I LOOKED everywhere.  To No Avail!  I gave up & figured she threw it away.  So a couple nights ago I was looking threw my Betsey Johnson luggage (which I use as my make-up & hair kit) and 
My missing Kat Von D Ludwig Palette!!!  My heart skipped a beat!


I love that the shadows go on smooth like butter on toast but aren't extra soft like Stila shadows (yeah, i don't like them.  I also have the Beethoven palette since when the first came out.  Apparently all her palettes EXCEPT the new Adora palette are $24 this month,  So if you've been eying them now is the time to buy.

Have you ever found something you lost like months later???  

xO xO

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prettyaspeaches said...

Pretty palette! I would have been so sad to lose this one but yay you found it! Congrats on the 100+ followers!!!

Yourz Truly Jess said...

ughhh yes Beverly I know exactly how you feel! glad you found it! Looks brand new!

Widdlesh said...

Haaah! Congrats! I love when I find missing shit!
I'm filipino, and I was little my parents used to tell me about a 'lost things' gnome who hid things you want and don't give it back till you stop looking.
Obviously, you find your stuff by chance, but I always think of that story when I find something haha!


Beverly said...

@ pretty as peaches thank you! i'm so excited! my little blog is read by 100 people its so cool

@jess its so pigmented that you don't need a lot of shadow so its a value for the price probably why it looks so new

@widdlesh that's such a cute story! I wish that gnome would bring back my MAC guilty by association MES lol

MissTaina07 said...

haha, i know how you feel i had that happen to me a few days ago when i finally found my lip conditioner that i use everyday and managed to loose for two weeks! i was dying!

I hope you find your guilt by association too! i just used it the other day and it's soooo pretty! :D

Queenie Keisha's Beauty Blog said...

Yayy! You found it! It's such a pretty palette with great Fall colors. You should def. do a FOTD post with this Kat Von D palette!

ashbe said...

love that palette! I have it, I also ordered one that was on sale this week from sephora.. Adora is the one i've been wanting, I'm mad it's not on sale too..

Do you find that KatVonD e/s tends to wear off quicker than MAC or is it just me.. I think I should do a primer WITH a paint pot and see if that works better...

thickandsassy said...

that is a nice pallet, i got try one. since they are on sale


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