Monday, September 27, 2010

Beep Beep who got the keys to my jeep ???

I don't own a jeep LOL!  I was going to name this post I can't stand the rain & than that Missy Elliot song popped in my head so I figured I ride with it ... Proceeding on this is my I have a 8 am monday morning history lecture class and I'm not trying to look like a dead like everyone else in the class.  Although when the teacher puts on the video, turns off the lights when i blink my eyes feel so good closed I don't bother to open them for 5 minutes.  ANYWHO so we finally get cooler temperatures but its raining.  Like pouring cats & dogs rain.  Like i don't own rainboots & an umbrella yet i need them rain.  I got to class soaking wet!   Tho my pictures were taking pre wet dog status ...

SB: i hate wearing brown LOL looks at the picks made me realize that luckily its my pj shirt

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MAC face & body C2
MAC select cover-up NC20/30
MAC studio sculpt NC30
MUD cosmetics ZERO & Buttercream loose powders
MAC msf natural in dark 
NYX taupe blush
MAC joyus blush
MAC vanilla pigment

MAC perennial high style lipglass
MAC gift wrap superglass

NYC liquid liner in Black <333 it!
Wet & Wild Vanity Palette -- (Matte Beige All over) permanent staple on my vanity as of late =]
LANCOME cils booster 
MAYBELLINE falsies mascara blackest black

Maybelline define-a-brow in dark brown 
Koh Gen Do concealer #4

meet my pollo =]

CHICKEN!  the love of my life!  My first nephew & i love him so.  He can do no wrong in my eyes, as you can see in the backround he's like Tasmanian devil in my room.  LOL But one bat of his super long eyelashes melts my heart!  I'm so jelly of his lashes =]  OK thats it i just love this picture & wanted to share


7 loving:

Sofia said...

I luv how u wear Peach lips!!

Sofia said...

ur nephew is sooo adorable!!

Anonymous said...

im loving whats on ur lips -pretty! <3 ..nice blog!

Leah ♥ said...

your nephew is TOO CUTE!!!!

and love the look, youre skin is FLAWLESS! How do you appy foundation?


i totally love it i have an obsession with mattes so this is a look i usually do a lot but my beige matte is different so im on a hunt for this one u look gorgeous xoxo

TiffanyMonet said...

Hi, Dollface! I love the lip color!!
I have that missy E song in my head now! lol! I have to watch the video on youtube..hehe!

Make sure you enter my Giveaway! $35 gift cert!


Beverly said...

@ sophia thankx doll i love him I have 2 nieces so a boy was needed
& i love peach lips =]

@mw thanks doll =]

@lean thanx he's my heart
& my foundation i use MAC face & body with the 187 brush and select cover concealer with the 117 brush and a big fluffy brush for powder

@confessions of a doll the matte beige is by wet & wild i love their mattes so buttery and smooth n cheap =]

@tiffanymonet thanks love ... yeah that song is catchy =]


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