Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

OK so I didn't take pictures last night because I had my new camcorder in hand.  That being said my friend Kei was taking pictures on her cam, she was going to send me them today.  Well guess what ???  She was in Saks waiting to get a picture with Model Veronica Webb and she knocks Kei's camera over and it BROKE!  So my pictures can not be uploaded until further notice... BLAH!!!!

So i had video of my time last night & I upload it and am trying to edit it...  I DON'T KNOW WTF I'M DOING LOL!!! But last night was EFFIN' FANTASTIC! So i'm going to share & post pictures and videos later...

I was so rushed yesterday seriously I started doing my make-up at 2 pm and we had to be at the train station at 3 yup!  I didn't even get to do my hair which I was irritated about to begin with on top of still being sick.  Whatevs I was going anyways come hell or highwater.  So we get to Times Square around 4:30 and I was like I want to go to Inglot.  I spotted it like 7 blocks away. On our way there we saw Enkore & Richie Nickle but didn't say anything because they were being rushed threw the crowd. On to Inglot  IDK what I expected BUT it was small.  The make-up artists didn't even ask we if needed help , not even a hello.  So after looking at the colors I was like Ehhh... Not Buying anything.

So we start making our way back towards the New Sephora on 42nd because they had a blogger event with Enkore,  Richie Nickle, Fafinette & Julie G plus an appearance from Kat Von D.  So we stop at the old Sephora just to see what was up.  They had mini eclairs, mini moet bottles, & mini pellegrino bottles.  Cool there were just make overs we kept it moving.  Saw the new Forever 21 wanted to go in but no time.  The New MAC I wanted to go in but they had nothing going on except makeovers. Ehhh kept it moving .... 

OK So the new Sephora had a gazzillion folks.  By the time we got there I already had flip flops on because my feet were killing me.  I hate walking around NYC for that reason.  Anyways so we are walking around sippin' MOET and they bring out the You Tubers, but no one was paying attention because Kat Von D was coming at any moment.  So they bring her in and my friends Kei, & Nadira we were right there in front of the elevator where they wisked her in to.  This girl that was behind me starts freaking out LIKE ... OH MY GOD ITS HER AHHHHHH! LOL I laughed.  They brought her back out like 5 minutes later out another exit BUT I was over it because I'm short and was being squished.  

ANYWAYS while I'm being suffocated, this tiny asian girl that was next to me was in the same predicament.  BUT she looks at me and goes OH MY GOSH your make-up is fab are you on youtube & I said NO.  She was like begging me to make videos.  (Mind you I was feeling gross... and my make-up was subpar for me!)  Anways Kat ended up leaving so we were mingling.  NOW girls I'm shy.  It may not seem like it but I am.  Both of my friends where like talking me up to Enkore & Richie before I even got to say hi.  I was going to say hi to Richie Nickle but he was talking to some girls & Doe Deere from Lime Crime came up to me & complimented my make-up.  I almost DIED.  Seriously it's one thing to be recognized by people ever day but when someone who is in the industry comes up and says you have the best make-up in the room YOU GET WINGS lmao!  So I ended up mingling with her.  She's so cute & sweet in person I'm going to try out some lime crime soon.

SO I turn and Richie Nickle was looking at me because my friend Kei was already talking me up.  SIDEBAR: Kei has been telling me to make videos for like ever lol.  She asked him his opinion on my make-up.  He was like asking me why I don't make videos. BEST THING HE SAID TO ME WAS "Girl I can learn things from you".  WHAT WHAT!  I was speechless.  He's so cute!  We had make-up talk, card exchanges, talked IMATS NYC, hugs & kisses.  I talked about how lovely ALL OF YOU are!  Yes i said how all the beauties that follow my blog are love.  He's SOOOO FABOUSH loves!

Again some other girl & her friends stop me asking what my youtube name is....  They were like I need to youtube STAT! LOL so cute.....

I was walking around and GUESS WHO COMES THRU THE DOOR???  Kevin James Benette (google him STAT, if you don't know who he is!)  I SCREAMED!  YES! I the shy one that I am scream OH MY GOD ITS KEVIN JAMES BENETT!  I was starstruck!  Had a small convo and pictures with him & he was like he had to go because he was only doing drivebys LOL

DOLLS I could have died a happy woman last night.  Seriously I've never been more inspired than last night! Some other things happened but those were my make-up highlights.  
BIG things are coming for my little ole blog!  AND I just want to thank all of YOU for helping me make thins happen =] 

Did anyone even read this????  I forgive you if you didn't because its so much


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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

aww the pictures... Sounds interesting though. Inglot has a free standing store? Anyway it sounds like so much fun!

Jen said...

wow sounds amazing! i would've died!


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