Sunday, September 19, 2010

the Girl behind the blog...

Sorry love been MIA this week aside from my GIVEAWAY!!! (SB: if you haven't entered do so!  who doesn't like free ish =]) I have been wearing make-up but have been really uninspired! I'm in a runt I guess, I HATE everything that goes on my face.... AHHH! .... anyways the question behind my giveaway is ....

What is one thing about yourself that you can't tell from your blog but you'd like to share???

It stems from thinking WOW all these lovelies are following me because we all share a love for Beauty... hmmm I wonder what else they are into.

BTW I have read all the answers and I think its amazing how diverse everyone is!

anyways Aside from make-up I'm a complicated girl =]!  So in an effort to share more about myself... here are 5 things about ME that you wouldn't know from just reading my beauty blog =]

1.  Beauty & Brains :  Recently I went back to college as a BUSINESS major because I eventually want to own my OWN business.  But I want to be knowledgeable so I can run my own ISH  properly.

2. I wear black everyday not all black but at least one black piece.  Everything I own is purchased in Black & grey first .  Its sleek & professional & gives the perfect canvas for ALL make-up looks.  

3. SPORTS! I can watch them all and TRULY understand whats going on!  Its a way for me to bond with My Dad =]

4. I LOVE to bake!  Especially now that fall is coming I'm itching to start.  I need to find new recipes so if you have some send them my way!

5.  When I first meet people I'm quiet.  Not stuck up not really shy,  I just need to get a read on you before I start chatting away.  

Posts should hopefully resume tomorrow lets hope I don't hate my make-up still... If anyone has color suggestions let me know maybe I'll have a break through!


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