Friday, October 1, 2010

Venomous Villains

Guess whats in my bag ???

Click the Arrows to see the goodies =]

SIDEBAR: no swatches because they are all over and i'm being lazy =]

Honestly I don't purchase from MAC as much as I used to.  My stash is hella deep and I NEED to get thru a lot of f before I start shelling out major cash BUT there is still some collector left in me.  So i wanted to get a couple pieces from today's Venomous Villains launch.  Some skipped it some hauled their wallet dry, I'm more in between.  I wasn't wow'd by the packaging but some of the items were nice.

I only purchased four things =]

One of my favorites was Bite of an Apple blush

It's super GORG!  Its a coral blush with red tones so pretty on.  Def. need a light hand because it's very pigmented!  Gives a nice flush on the cheeks.

Next for me was a product I had no intention of purchasing BUT when i saw it i had to have it...
My Dark Magic MES

To me it wasn't a dupe for young punk MES from last year which I use a lot to begin with anyways.  Its a blackened pink & a blackened purple BUT young punk is more of a black with magenta glitter.  So pretty when I swatched it it had to come home with mama!

Toxic Tale Lipstick
Had to see it first ... Saw it & it was love at first sight!  Ya know I love corals right?!?!  It was a match made in cosmetics heaven =]

Its like bite of an apple in lipstick form.  Its a bright coral with red tones.  SOLD since I couldn't remember anything in my stash that looked like it.

Strange Potion Lipglass
No explanation needed this is just one of those me colors...

Honorable Mentions aka products I still have my eye on
Innocence, Beware! lipstick -- Super pretty pink nude creamsheen (Hue is a dupe ??) 
Heartless Lipstick -- Cherry Red  (although easily duped)
Vainglorious Eyeshadow -- Bronze Burgundy (more brown than Star Violet, Not a Dupe on me) 
French Quarter Grease Paintstick -- Black with Gold flecks 

My thoughts on the collection
There's a lot of products & something for everyone.  I liked the lipsticks and the blushes more than anything else.  I passed on the Beauty Powders because I have a couple that i purchased way back when & I NEVER use.  They're usually sheer and need to be packed on.. NEXT!   Nailpolishes were a pass because there are Orly dupes which i get for cheaper at Sally's.  Pigments were a pass as I had them already.  Brash & Bold and Push the Edge are pretty tho duped by Fuchsia & Grape pigments.  Melon is a perm color.  Cooling powders were mehh.  They crumble off in swatches and Prescriptives had a similar product back in the day. All of the regular shadows were a pass NOTHING exciting.  MES's were pretty tho i don't wear green often to justify buying it.  Blushes, Lipsticks, & Glosses were my fave, Tho nothing out of the ordinary.

Did anybody else haul Venomous Villains???? What did you get & what did you feel about the collection???


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JillieCat said...

I ordered online but still didn't get it.. I cant wait to try on My Dark Magic!!

Rai said...

Nice haul. Ugh, I wish I had gotten Bite of an Apple. :(

Glamorous Glory said...

yea i got some things too...well i only got 2 lipsticks and a blush. I got the sane blush BITE OF AN APPLE and i got VIOLETTA & HEARTLESS....i have the review on my blog and honestly i thought i was gonna get ore things.the collection is ok

Beverly said...

@ jilliecat its so pretty! i can't wait to see what you do with it

@rai u probably have something like it in your blush stash =]

@glory agreed =]

unleash_the_bats said...

Just thought I'd say I absolutely LOVE your site, Bev! :)

I must say I hauled a decent amount from Venomous Villains, which is the first collection I have done so.

I got My Dark Magic and She Who Dares MES's, Her Own Devices Beauty Powder, Violetta Lipstick (LOVE it!!), Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass and Formidable Nail Polish.

I love everything I got :)

Sarah xx


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