Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hella Sick..

But I looked hella cute today!  Whoop Whoop!!!! Nothing like looking cute to help you feel better.  I have like the worst cold of 2010 & its messing with my asthma.  Me & not being able to breathe = a hella cranky bitch .. yeah i'll admitt it =]  BUT this week the weather is finally feeling like fall so I had to break out one of the 1000000000 cardigans that still had the tags on them waiting to be worn.  Make-up is inspired from my cardigan, purple grey & black.  ID give a rats A** if your not suposed to match your make-up to you clothes... Its obvious i don't follow rules =]


ok now on to the good stuff ...

Click the arrows for the rest of the goods =]

MUFE white flash color
WET & WILD brule eyeshadow (highlight)
MAC shadows -- Pincurl (inner 2/3 lid, inner lowerlashine),  Apres-ski (crease transition),  Smoke & Diamonds (crease), Top Knot (outer V, lower lashline)
MAC pigments -- Vanilla (inner corner highlight),  Dark Soul (outer crease)
MUFE #92
NYC liquid liner in Black
LANCOME cils booster 
MAYBELLINE falsies mascara in VERY BLACK
URBAN DECAY 24/7 liner in Zero
MAC blacktrack fluidline 

MAYBELLINE define-a-brow in Dark Brown
Koh Gen Do concealer in #4

MAC face & body in C2
MAC select cover up concealer in NC20/30
MAC studio sculpt in NC30
MUD cosmetics loose powders in Zero & Buttercream
MAC msf natural in Dark
NYX taupe blush
MAC fun & games blush
MAC vanilla pigment
WET & WILD pink suga 900b
MAC young thing lipglass

So excited for Venomous Villains tomorrow!!! Will post up the couple things i get =]


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EmeraldC83 said...

This looks soooo cute. I have the same cardie but haven't worn it yet. You look really cute.

Sofia said...

looking cute...cant even tell ur sick...where do u get so many cute cardigans!!

glam doll lumi said...

i just died! this is gorgeous! you never fail to impress me =D

JillieCat said...

Love the eyes very sexy!

Beverly said...

@emeraldc thanks i don't usually wear stripes but i went shopping with my brother and he told me to get it. I wore it with a black lace cami & black skinny jeans

@sofi thanks doll i had to load up on bronzer this morning to give myself color because i was looking sallow =] & i get a lot of my cardi's from old navy & gap when the are on sale i go nuts n pick 1 up in every color lol

@lumi thanks doll <333

@jilliecat thanks gorgeous

Jen said...

i love your looks! ur blending is on point!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Diva! You did such a great job truly inspires me to get my eye makeup game on!

Hope you feel better soon.

Beverly said...

@jen thanks! i'm like blending OCD! I check like 40 times that its blended or i'm not happy =]

@hell notes for beauty =] my old job used to call me diva!

Queenie Keisha's Beauty Blog said...

Aww I hope you feel better! Your not feeling well and your makeup is still on point! It looks Gorgeous :0)

HersheyKissez said...

your make-up is nice!!! love the color combo! Get better hun!

MakeupJunkie88 said...

U look fckn fabulous!!! luv ur looks!!!

**Megan** said...

Gorgeous girl! This is by far one of my favorite make-up looks you have posted. Makes me want to go home and spend the rest of the day experimenting with my make-up... ;)

Love the blog!

- Megan

Glamorous Glory said...

i just love ur makeup girl !!!! i super duper love it!!! u kno us latinas we got talent a new follower on ur blog n twitter!!! check out my blog n follow me so i can chat with u ;)

Beverly said...

@keisha thanks doll

@hersheyskissez thanks i liked this combo a lot too

@makeupjunkie =] thanks

@megan i love playing around in my make-up

@glamorous glory thanks girl love ur blog

Toni Tralala said...

WHOA! This is such a great look! I like how you blended the colors. I would never have thought of that.

LaLicenciada said...

Your makeup is FLAWLESS!!!!

When I'm sick, I also get on with the makeup bc it makes me "feel" better if I "look" good, though I may be sick.

Great advice. Great look.



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