Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Your Make-up is FIERCE!

Today was my first day back to school so I got up extra early 5:30 am to be exact! I must really love you guys and this blog because I allotted myself extra time to do my make-up & take pictures.  GO ME!  PLUS I wanted to put Momento Mori (should I review it??) to good use.  I'm SOOOO HAPPY I got it.  (Does that even state how Elated I am LOL)  ANYways I felt like I didn't buff in my blush that much it was really bright in the pics but no so much in person (weird!?)  But I got all self conscious.  Then I get to school and people LITERALLY roll out off bed and come to class so I was getting more creeped out by the looks.  WHATEVER! I look, smell, & feel good LOL!  So I'm in the bathroom and this girl from my class stops me and is like "OH EM GEE your make-up is FIERCE so FIERCE"  All the girls in there turned and looked needless to say I got all shy.  I couldn't wait to get home & share my look with all of you so without further adieu ....

MAC rollickin' paint pot (lid)
WET & WILD vanity palette -- Matte Beige (highlight),  Matte Camel (crease transition)
KAT VON D Memento Mori Palette --  Sugar Skull (inner corner),  Peggy (lid),  Hard Luck (crease),  Tijuana (outer corner),  Agatha Pink (lower lashline)
L'OREAL lineur liner intense in Carbon Black
ELF brightening liner in Black
LANCOME cils booster
MAYBELLINE falsies mascara in Very Black

MAYBELLINE define-a-brow in dark brown
Koh Gen Do Concealer Duo in #4

MAC studio sculpt concealer NC30
MAC select cover-up concealer NC20
BEN NYE banana visage poudre
MUD cosmetics loose powder in Zero (under eye)
MAC msf natural in dark (bronzer)
NYX taupe blush
MAC fun & games blush
MAC perfect topping MSF
Wet & Wild MagaLast Matte Lipstick in 900B pink suga'
MAC Euro Beat dazzleglass
I took these while waiting for my curling iron to heat up hence why my hair isn't done =]
don't mind my crooked liner it was early I fixed it after I saw the pics
I didn't end up wearing that shirt too many colors going on lol
The shadows wet on like BUTTER!  I loved this look!


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Sue said...

Loving the lid color! wow!!

Makeup by Candie said...

I agree with the title of this post!!! Beautiful!!!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i love the pop of blue! i wish i could wake up early and do my makeup full on like that but i'm way too lazy haha. i also love the color of yoru lips!!

Widdlesh said...

Yeah. My school/where I currently live isn't very makeup friendly so I get shy too wearing bright looks out. We gotta keep it goin though!! :)

Your eyes look great! The blue makes the amber in your eyes GLOW!

Beverly said...

thanks dolls

@sue i think its the best color in the palette and it went on so smooth its love

@candie thanks!

@i have this thing where the first week i go all out idk how often i'll be able to do this but we shall see

@widdlesh its not necessarily that i'm shy its that i was really bright in the am lol but its cool

yes us make-up girls have to represent!

MissTaina07 said...

sooo pretty! LOVE the look, and thank you for waking up early and doing your makeup :D

i love that lip combo.... i think i need that lipstick...oh no!


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