Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harajuku Barbie ???

So on on my way to class today minding my business when so girl stops me and says my make-up is like Nicki Minaj's.  I guess it was a compliment BUT I don't follow Miss Minaj so I was just like eh!  Nothing against her I do see her make-up and it cute BUT I am no follower.  I've been doing my make-up long before Nicki was relevant.  WHATEVER! I've never seen a look like mine on her

In my head I had a different look but as I was doing it this is what came out...

MUFE fuchsia flashcolor
WET & WILD brulee eyeshadow (highlight)
MAC shadows -- Vibrant Grape (lid),  Romping (crease),  Carbon (outer crease)
MAC Vanilla pigment (inner corner) 
MAC My Dark Magic MES (outer edge)
NYC liquid liner 
LANCOME cils booster
L'OREAL voluminous
MAYBELLINE falsies mascara
URBAN DECAY 24/7 liner in Zero

MAC dark edge shadow
Koh Gen Do concealer #4

MAC face & body c2
MAC select cover up NC20/30
MUD cosmetics loose powder in Zero & Buttercream
MAC msf natural in Dark
NYX taupe blush
MAC spaced out blush
MAC vanilla pigment
NYX pumpkin pie lipstick
MAC Miss Dynamite dazzleglass

[natural light]


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ViOoOlicious said...

All I know is that she is a singer. Style and music? Idk not my type of genre. Anyways! this looks is amazing! I love the fuchsia and the black blended together.

Leah ♥ said...

I loooooveeee it!!!! I swear Im gonna gonna fly over there and kidnap you so you could do my makeup!!!

Jen said...

i love it! so dramatic! :) do my makeup please

EmeraldC83 said...

Really pretty

glam doll lumi said...

that's hilarious. i get that too. sometimes i just wanna say i don't wear makeup because of her. she's not my inspiration lol. i love the look that you did regardless of it not being what you wanted, it's still gorgeous. xoxo lumi

Rai said...

Super pretty! Love that purple. :D

MakeupJunkie88 said...

I luv the purple!!! I need to get a color like that

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Looks great! :) Love the colors you used!



Glamorous Glory said...

like always i just love it!!!!!!!!

lauraluvsMAC said...

WOW Girl! I just Love to look at your posts..They are all Amazing.
What base do you use on your eyes to make the colors pop so well?

Keisha said...

Gorgeous Beverly! I love to look at your post! Your makeup is always on point! I need you to do my makeup.

Beverly said...

@ViOoOlicious i like hip hop shes just not my cup of tea AND i'm def not trying to be like her BUT thank you

@Leah OK! I'm down =]

@Jen WHAT are u talking about lady??? Ur make-up is bomb=]

@Emerald thank you =]

@Lumi thanks doll! I mean I dont have a problem with her but the girl made it seem like I wanna be Nicki Minaj EWW!

@Rai thanks =]

@MakeupJunkie i LOVE Vibrant Grape Its one of the first shadows I owned

@Hardcore Make-up Junkie thanks gorgeous =]

@ Glory =]

@Laura It depends on the FOTD but i should do a post on what bases I use =]

@Keisha thanks girl


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