Tuesday, October 19, 2010

make-up #FAIL

I got the bright idea today that I would try and do a tutorial... at 5pm when the sun was gunna go down.  Needless to say the video started out well but got fuzzy toward the end... Regardless I didn't end up liking the look but i'll post anyways because glitter was involved LOL  I was going to glue on the ridiculous lashes that I had but I figured to hell because I didn't like the outcome ... I'll def. retry it some time soon tho =]

[something is off I just can't figure out what it is yet ... maybe its because I NEVER do dark in my inner corner]


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thickandsassy said...

i love this look, i am looking for a look for halloween. going as 80's girl. i made a very colorful tutu, need a cool eye. can you help me out.

can name what you used on your eyes for this look?

ashbe said...

I am in love with this look! Hurry up and post a video! LOL.

LJ said...

FAIL??? please explain. lol. i love this!!!

unleash_the_bats said...

This is gorgeous! I dont see any fail at all! :)

Glamorous Glory said...

it still looks good is a double smokey eye!

kileen said...

love this glitzy glam look on you! i'm in the same boat as you as far as putting a dark shadow in my inner corner though -- something just seems off whenever i do it. i think you totally rocked this look though and of course, i always love me some glitter!

MakeupJunkie88 said...

i totally luv it!!! its like a club look and i luv to use glitter when going out!

prettyaspeaches said...

I really like this look! I wouldn't call it a fail by any means. That glitter is awesome! I even love the black in the inner corner. The only thing that's kind of off to me is the teal color in the upper crease. It makes it look a little too cool colored if you know what I mean. Maybe it needs a warmer lip for balance? <3 ya!

lauraluvsMAC said...

LOVE the look Bev! Can you tell us what you used?
Do you have a you tube acct?

Beverly said...

thanks dolls i'm not posting the video for this

I used MAC 3-d Silver Glitter, OCC Blue Glitter, Wet & Wild Greed Palette (Matte Beige, Grey & Matte Black), & a Blue by MUFE

@thickandsassy i'll try and keep that in min maybe do a look for it this weekend

@ashbe no video it got al weird looking after the sun went down

@lj thanks gorgeous

@unleahs the bats thanks doll we are our worst critics

@glory thanks doll

@kileen thats def. what it was that smokey on the inner corner is not for me

@makeupjunkie88 LOL my lids totally looked like disco balls

@lindsey its a navy blue and the rest of my face was on from earlier in the day so that was actually balm I didn't feel like bothering finishing the face since i didn't like the eyes

@laura I can't believe the response I got from this look thanks doll

Dhalia said...

What you talking about Bev!? I think it looks great...I love the glitter.

Eva JJ said...

I think it looks really good! We usually are really hard on ourselves, our own toughest critic ... but honestly I think it looks amazing ... Love your blog!


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