Thursday, October 21, 2010

Money is the Root of all Evils ...

Lancome has taken it upon themselves to declare tomorrow October 22 "Genes Day", a one day fundraiser for St. Judes hospital.  Press Release They are pledging to donate $7 for each bottle of Genefique sold, which is a $78 + tax product.  they are also taking in your donations as well

 My thoughts on this event is MAJOR FAIL !!!!

Where do I even start without going on a tangent ....

 THIS IS A SCAM! All they are interested in doing is making money & by making it a suposed "fundraiser" when they are the ones making the most $$$ from it is disgusting.  What a way to bring in more costumers by making them think they are doing good when they truely are making millions. This is a million/ billion company part of L'oreal Corps they can donate the ENTIRE profit if they were truely in it to benefit St. Jude.  Even if everyone donates $5 the name on the front of the check they present will not be yours it will be from LANCOME which will not have donated a dime

If you truly want to do good and benefit a sick child donate to St. Jude directly on any day at any time DONATE HERE where ALL your money will go directly to them.


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QueenBMakeup said...

I totally agree with you. I find that totally offensive to the people receiving the "donations" Of all the money it takes to I'm sure produce the product .. has nothing to do with the final price. It probably takes them $2.50 per item to make, raise that up $80 to donate $7.00!! GET OUTTA HEEEAA. I find that offensive.. and anyone who is pushing this. There are great ways to donate & spend your time on worthy charities. This is not one of them!! Good for you for posting this!

Shadowy Lady said...

I agree with you 100% Beverly. I def wouldn't be purchasing

Widdlesh said...

I just saw a few videos on youtube supporting the cause, and I couldn't agree more with you!
Way to use sick children as a marketing scheme!

Daphnie said...

I completely agree!!! Kudos to you for saying something about it! I love the fact that u also posted a direct link to the site!

blazeno.8 said...

I had no clue that they were even doing this. Thanks for posting this.

Beverly said...

Thanks Dolls I was just really ticked by these gurus making videos supporting a "cause" when they are only making this company way richer

@QueenBee Thats my point exactly! They are making the most profit and not even pledging a dime of their own cash. Its a slap in the face to this charity. And i can't believe are feeding into it.

@Shadowy Lady Thank you so much for seeing my point. I wish the fundraiser would be more for raising $$ for these children but it never is anymore.

@Widdlesh YUP, Its like these Gurus would rather make a dime of promoting this garbage than standing up for whats right. Its a damn shame

@Daphnie Thank you! I posted the sight because its not about not donating to this charity. My family donates at least $10 to this charity and several more monthly. Its about getting the money to right person not thru a company to make them look good. An who is to say that Lancome won't take more of a profit from the donations.

@Blazeno.8 YES! I'm disgusted I used to work for them and I don't agree with this at all.


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