Friday, October 29, 2010

A Tale of Tartans

I got to see the entire collection a couple of nights ago in the store and on the displays.  The palettes and sets have been a pass to me for several years now so I just looked at the collection. 

My collective weekly haul hence firecracker in there.

[click to make bigger] SB: Tell me how u like these pictures! I found out how to take HD pics on my camera. So excited about it =]

The MUA gave me 2 sample of foundation:  1 of Satinfinish which I had before & turned me orange & 1 of Studio Sculpt.  I found Firecracker at the CCO & picked it up because I wanted it before but If I can't use my pro discount on something I usually pass LOL!

From A Tartan Tale I purchased My Highland Honey Blush, & Later, The Family Crest, & Moonlight Night Pigments.

More Pictures, Swatches, & Thoughts  after the jump

Moonlight Night Pigment -- Blackened  Emerald/Teal

Later Pigment -- Blackened Blue/Violet

The Family Crest -- Blackened Brown/Black

My Highland Honey -- Orangy Peach

Swatches on NC20ish skin no base all dry
TOP: My Highland Honey  BOTTOM:  Moonlight Night,  Later,  The Family Crest

All 3 pigments are nice!  But than again I LOVE pigments and These are no different. They're smooth & not chunky like some pigments even with the pearlized particles.

MOONLIGHT NIGHT: SO PRETTY! Its a grayish black base with a emerald/ tealish pearl.

LATER:  Its a repromote from Alice + Oliva but I held out because I couldn't get my discount then LOL.  Hey $11 for a pigment is better than $20 right?! Another gray black base with royal blue & violet pearl.  It kinda reminds me of My Dark Magic from Venomous Villains both sides swirled together.  I'll have to swatch them next to each other to see.

THE FAMILY CREST: I wanted this because I thought it would look like Guilty By Association MES from Style Black, I LOVED, used once, than went missing when my mom cleaned out my room.  (NO she doesn't clean my room all the time. It was a one time thing because I got really sick last year, couldn't walk, so she moved all my stuff to her side of the house so I didn't have to go up and down flights of stairs.) ANYWAYS the Lovely Lindsey from Pretty As Peaches compared them (HERE) and *sigh* they are not the same.  BUT FC is just as gorg in its own way.  It has like a dark brown with a hint of plum based with gold pearls.

EYESHADOWS:  Passed on them because while they were big and the colors were pretty when swatched they were super sheer. They were soft & buttery but nothing to be excited about. If i have to apply like 80 different bases and put in work to make the color pop, I don't bother with them.  Plus the colors were really dupeable by stuff in the permanent line. 

PEARLGLIDE LINERS: If you don't own any of these BUY them ALL of THEM! This is the only type of liner i have ever purchased from MAC & I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They kinda remind me of the UD 24/7 liners just prettier. The colors are VIBRANT & are great to line, as a base, and even as a shadow on the lid.  I'm going to go back and pick up the ones I don't have. MAC needs to make these PERMANENT!

I only purchased MY HIGHLAND HONEY because I'm a peach blush whore.  It reminds me of Peaches Or Melba just more orange.  I don't wear bright pink blushes because I don't like the way they look on me.  Thos HER BLOOMING CHEEK was pretty & pigmented.  I passed because it wouldn't get any love from me.  PERFECT for darker skintones than mine tho.

NAILPOLISHES from MAC are almost always a pass for me.

DAZZLEGLASS CREMES were all a pass.  As much as I love dazzleglasses their sister the cremes feel gritty to me with out lipstick.  Sometimes I don't wear lipstick so yeah.  The colors weren't exciting either.

LIPSTICKS:  They were ok.  Nothing new.  I hardly ever buy lusters & glazes.  I more of a matte, satin, amplified, even creamsheen type of girl.  Why purchase a lipstick with not much color pay off.  COURTING LILAC & FULL FUCHSIA were the ones the caught my eye but not enough to pay for them.  I might back 2 MAC for them when i got back. IDK 

OH and of the palettes the only 2 i kinda liked was Beauties Play it Cool (purple toned)  & kinda Reelers & Rockers (metallic).  *hint hint wink wink* (if any of my loved ones are reading this, I hope they'll make it under my xmas tree. If not they'll be at my CCO early next year LOL.



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Shaylee Anne said...

Oh I love everything you got! I will be there this weekend to pick some up for myself! :)

TiffanyMonet said...

I got My Highland Honey. It is so pretty!

Sue said...

whoa!! loving the peachy blush!! must have

Shadowy Lady said...

I have Later already but I need to get The family Crest pigment.

I'm scared of the fuchsia blush, lol!

Nicole said...

family crest looks really pretty!!

Justine @ Productrater said...

I am still debating my highland honey, since I have peaches and like 10 other peach blushes.. but I keep seeing everyone get it and how pretty it looks, must resist! ;)

Glamorous Glory said...

super haul!!!

Dhalia said...

That blush looks lovely...I do love the pictures they are very clear.


Beverly said...

i love everything i got girls!!! THANKS FOR COMMENTING =]


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