Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photobucket ...

Is being hella annoying ... IDK why it didn't renew my pro account and it won't let me renew it either .... I had to email them and an waiting on a response UNTIL then sorry for the ghetto bandwidth exceeded things .... if anyone has a suggestion of a better place to upload pics let me know please =]


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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Have you tried picasa? I like it never had any issues yet! Very easy to use too.

Kayotic said...


glam doll lumi said...

have you tried flckr? they have a pro account and i like them very much. alot of the blogger i visit use flckr.

Beverly said...

thanks loves i like photobucket & they were actually very nice about things.. they upgraded my account for free for the inconvenience!


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