Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy HAUL-a-days

Corney title, I know! It just seemed fitting.  Every year during the holidays I restrict (i say restrict, because a ban would NEVER work for me LOL) personal spending on myself.  Jesus may be the reason for the season, so for a couple weeks out the year i can stop buying myself stuff, right??? Wrong!  
I stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up tissue for boxes & always find myself going down the Beauty isle to see if they have anything.  Usually I don't find anything good but my luck changed!  I found a couple of E.L.F. glosses & L'oreal liners.  Than I went to Harmons because I was running out of a lot of my everyday staples.

Dollar Store Finds

Harmons Buys

The first thing that caught my eye at the Dollar Store was the ELF minty glosses & Lipstain Duos.  At Target I believe they are $3 but mine is always out.  Well I got these for $1!  YAY!

NEW YORK CITY-- A sheer fuschia with glitter

BOSTON --A sheer red with glitter

FIRST DATE -- A coral w/ gold shimmer stain & clear gloss     

[LEFT - RIGHT: Clear, First Date, New York City, Boston]

When I saw these L'OREAL Extra Intense pencil-liquid liners, I picked up every color they had.  
[ Plum & Emerald ]

 I forget about Harmons a lot.  They are cheaper than most drugstores and I had a 20% of the entire purchase coupon.  I even found a WET & WILD Holiday Palette in the clearance section that I SNATCHED up for my future give-away!  
I had been wanting to pick up the NYX Milk Pencil for a long time now but always forgot.  I also got to pink lip pencils & I remembered to pick up my favorite liner by Rimmel.

[TOP - BOTTOM: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, NYX lip liners in Dolly Pink & Pinky,  RIMMEL Kohl liner in Jet Black]

MAYBELLINE Define-A-Brow my go to brow pencil!

Recently I lost my MAC blacktrack fluidline & asked some of my fellow Bloggers & Vloggers which drugstore one they preferred.... Wet & Wild came HIGHLY recommended! So far so good!  Review coming soon!

L'OREAL Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black another staple of mine!

[LEFT - RIGHT: L'OREAL  Intense pencil-liguid liners in Plum & Emerald, NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil, NYX Lip Pencils in Dolly Pink & Pinky,  RIMMEL Soft Kohl in Jet Black]


8 loving:

Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 said...

Nice haul! I love the dollar store...lately ive found some awesome things there =)

ohyouprettythings said...

great haul! I cant believe you got these at the dollar tree! :] Everything looks great! Happy Holidays!! :]

Alexis said...

This makes me want to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like the ELF gloss and stain. I have both and like them

Beverly said...

@priscilla mine dollar tree never has anything good or the stuff is everywhere

@ohyouprettythings right?! my dollar tree is always busted & never has anything good so find these was like striking gold

@Alexis lol! me 2 but these were only necessities ;o)

@Kristen I haven't tried them out yet when i do i'll let you know

Jess(shades of gorgeous) said...

ooo that emerald liner caught my attenetion immediately. gorgeous color!

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Lovely haul! Those loreal intense liners looks great!

Beverly said...

@shades of gorgeous i know right! I can't wait to put it to good use!

@MsNikka I've always seen them at the drugstore for like $10 so happy I got them for $1


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