Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 5 of 2010

Every month I say I'm going to do a monthly favorite & than the month ends and I forget!  What better way to bring in the New Year than to start with my favorite beauty products of 2010!  I could have a list of at least 50 products BUT I decided to go with the first 5 that popped in my head & roll with it!

MAC Vanilla Pigment

By far my favorite multi-purpose make-up product this year!  I use it almost EVERYDAY to highlight my face, my eyes, & I even mix it with my moisturizer to give myself a glow!  A little goes a long way as you can see I still have a generous amount left & this jar was purchased years ago.  I know everyone says NARS Albatross is almost the same thing BUT I don't need both & I'm happy with this one. 

MAC Face & Body Foundation

This just might be my HG foundation!  I'm always willing to try a new foundation but I somehow end up back with Face & Body.  I love that its sheer like a tinted moisturizer but has the staying power of a foundation. This bottle has lasted me all year and than some, using the foundation almost everyday.  I love how it withstands rain, sweat, heat, humidity & any other weather condition.

MAKEUP FOREVER 12 Flash Color Case

 Had this for years now!  It was one of those make-up investments that I don't regret. I use this all the time & it doesn't even look like I made a dent in it.  You have all you basic colors to mix & create new ones. 

WET & WILD Color Icon Palettes

For the FIRST time ever this year I purchased drugstore shadows & liked them!  Wet & Wild really has some palettes at affordable prices.  Before I bought these the only thing i got from drugstores was mascara & eyeliners but I have been straying from my drugstore snobbish  ways.

NYX Taupe Blush

I was running out of my beloved MAC Emote when I discovered this to be a dupe!  I use this everyday to give my cheeks definition.  This color is perfect for me.  Its neither too cool nor too warm and not shimmery at all.  Perfect face contour for lighter to medium skin-tones like myself.

KAT VON D Eyeshadow Palettes 

I know some people love her & some people hate her ... I'm indifferent to her BUT she does eyeshadow well!  Her palettes are inexpensive ways for ladies to build up their shadow collections.  I only own 4 of her palettes but I love them.  The quality is comparable to MAC but you get more value for your $$.  I've been finding myself reaching for the Memento Mori Palette more & more.  


10 loving:

Jen said...

great favorites! i definitely want the MUFE flash day!

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Great list! I love NYX blushes and KVD palettes too! I have 2 KVD palettes so far, I want them all!

Happy 2011!!

Jo Woods said...

Great favourites, I haven't tred any of them but they all sound fab. Thanks for sharing xxx

Arezu said...

You have a nice list of favourites, but I definitely have to agree with you that Vanilla pigment is a must have pigment!

blazeno.8 said...

I really like your favorites list. It's really diverse with not only different brands, but different price ranges too.

Shadowy Lady said...

Great faves Beverly. Thanks for introducing me to MAC F&B foundation too. I got a sample (in N2) and love everything about it and it matches great. Gotta pick up a full bottle soon.

Happy New Year!

Beverly said...

@Jen I was a great investment! I purchased it when sephora was having i believe 30% off years ago.

@Miss Nikka I just saw that her new one from Adora is on sale for $24 might have to add that to the collection in 2011! lol! Happy New Year!

@Jo Woods I hope you do soon!

@Arezu That might be my number 1 favorite this year! Nothing compares anymore LOL!

@Blazeno.8 Its funny because I didn't do that on purpose BUT that is one of my goals for my blog this new year!

@Shadowy Lady See I told you! I would never recommend something that I didn't believe in!

kileen said...

awesome favorites list!! i actually have a jar of vanilla pigment too and need to use it more! and i've heard so many good things about the MAC F&B foundation. need to try it too!

have a great new year! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you do a video tutorial on how you apply your foundation? Thanks xo the looks!

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow palettes rock!! :D Can you please review and swatch the NYX blush? :)



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