Friday, December 17, 2010

Your So Vain ....

OMG! I log on and I have over 300 followers! Wat tha frigg?!?!?! I never imagined people would really follow me!  But i'm so happy that my friend Kei (visit her fashion blog) pushed me for months to start a blog & she pushed me to start YT because I didn't want to!  THANK YOU to ALL my followers new & old!  I will be having a Giveaway sometime soon so stay tuned!

OK! Well sometimes I get up and I don't feel like wearing make-up.  Today was one of those days.  Those who follow my tweets know that I have been super busy with School, Xmas, & just life.  SO I wanted to stay in bed ALL day today but OBVIOUSLY (#AntoineDodson voice) that couldn't happen.  I LOVE Wet & Wild's Color Icon Palettes for days like this when I don't have make-up ideas.  This is for all my neutral/brown shadow wearing dolls!  

TOO FACED Shadow Insurance
WET & WILD Vanity Palette -- Matte Beige (inner corner, highlight),  Matte Carmel (crease),  Shimmery Chocolate Brown (outer lid),  Matte Dark Brown (crease)
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow (outer edge)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (tear duct)
MAC GlamourPuss Glitter Liner
Rimmel White Eyeliner
L'OREAL Lineur Intense Liquid liner
L'OREAL Voluminous Mascara Blackest Black

NYX Brow Powder duo in Dark Brown
Random Concealer

MAC Face & Body C2
MAC Select Cover-up NC20/30
MUD cosmetics loose powders in Zero & Buttercream
MAC MSFN in dark
NYX Taupe Blush
MAC Cubic Blush
MAC Vanilla pigment

RIMMEL East End Snob Liner
MAC Saint Germain lipstick
MAC Sweet Tart Superglass



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Deanna said...

Wow, this is one of my all time favorite looks from you! I hope you do a Youtube tutorial on this look ;)

Daphnie said...

Dude, I love the gold pop on the lower lash line!!!

Sofia said...

love it...I kinda got startled by thw two eye pics together...but the look is soooo pretty :D

Anonymous said...

I love all your looks :)


TY ur beautiful and could u not have made it this far?? and babe you're gonna go further

AngelicBetrayal said...

Congrats on 300 followers :D I love how you can make such a beautiful and complex look out of really simple colors. I have the Vanity palette and I never know what to do with it :( This is great inspiration though!

MakeupNme said...

beautiful neutral eye!

BoldNBeautiful Makeup said...

Yaaay! I guess the neutral eye inspiration really came out! it looks fierce!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

You are truly an artist beverly! Freakin amazing looks as always. I have to recreate thislook def my style,love it.

Doris said...

Congrats on reaching 300 Followers!!!

I am a fairly new follower I have only been following since about umh October or so ... But I have enjoyed coming here and checking out your looks. So thanks for putting in the time to make some amazing photos and giving me ideas. I love makeup ..i love wearing it and putting it on ..but I am always doing the same damn look lool.. So thanks for the inspiration!


TKOmulatta said...

Love the neutrals on you. I don't think there is any color that won't look great on you, you work it!

I also love the pink lips, you just reminded me I have that same Rimmel liner, now I just need the LS you used, lol. :) Gorgeous! and congrats on the followers! said...

i love this look!
you deserve every follower you have!
you're the next big youtube guru

Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 said...

congrats on all your followers! you have an awesome blog!

Love the look!

Beverly said...

@deanna will do!

@Daphnie I'm feeling the whole glitter liner thing as of late

@Sofia LOL! me 2 thats why i moved it

@Kristen Thank You!

@Kei how could i not shout u out <33 u

@AngelicBetrayal I'm not a wearer of neutral tones but this is by far one of my favorite palettes!

@MakeupNme thank you!

@BoldNBeautiful Makeup Thank you! I actually like this!

@Hell Notes for Beauty thank you!

@Doris thank you for reading & watching!

@TKOmulatta greens! they dont look right on me lol! but thank you!

@BeautyAmbition Ah! That might be nice but idk if i want to be a guru! do this because i love it not because i want to recieve free stuff & sell out lol

@Priscilla Thank You gorgeous!

salena said...

just found ur blog today but i cant view some of ur pics it says upgrape to pro photobucket bandwidth exceeded =[


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