Saturday, January 8, 2011

I wanna see your peacock...

Everytime I hear about the new MAC collection, Peacocky, I always associate it with the Katy Perry song. lol Anyways my boo boo Kei gave me a giftcard to MAC for X-mas that needed to be put to good use so I went to take a look at Peacocky... The collection is GORGEOUS!  The colors are all beautiful, pigmented & go on smooth!  The lipglosses are pretty too!  They are lip a fusion of lip glosses & lipsticks.  I didn't pick up that much because one of my resolutions was to not purchase so much make-up this year, tho I'm regretting not picking up another eyeshadow ...


 [Mega Metal shadows in Sex-pectations& Centre Stage, StarViolet Eyeshadow, & Studio Sculpt fondation]

Sex-Pectations Mega Metal Eyeshadow -- Burgandy w/ a copper undertone

Centre Stage Mega Metal Eyeshadow -- Chocolate Brown w/ Gold particles

Star Violet Eyeshadow -- Brown tinged Plum


[left-right] Star Violet, Centre Stage, Sex-pectations over Studio Sculpt NC20

In the picture you can see how much richer in pigmentation these new shadows are to the original ones, not to mention almost double in size for a couple dollars more.  I regret not picking up paparazz-she ... I think I NEED it lol!

What did you pick up for this collection???


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nicoletta said...

These look gorgeous. I don't know if this is being released in the UK. I will be getting a few things if it is. I am trying to cut back on buying cosmetics too but i've not had a great start so far xx

Susie said...

Centre Stage Mega Metal Eyeshadow is gorgeous! By fat my favorite from the Peacocky collection!

Brittany said...

These new shadows are gorgeous! I got Dalliance and Unflappable, along with Woo Me and Flaunting It lipglosses. I'll be posting my haul soon with swatches.


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

I haven't checked these out yet. Probably, it would be good if I don't since I'm trying to buy less makeup this year too! But those eyeshadows looks so pretty!

blazeno.8 said...

These colors all look so rich and beautiful! I'm drooling over them, but this is the time of year when I try not to purchase new things! D:

Beverly said...

@Nicoletta I know the feeling thats why i only got 2 things although I had my eye on a couple more shadows =[

@Susie It's gorgeous! I was swatching away & it was the only one that didn't swatch exactly the same to something in the permanent collection

@Brittany Dalliance is one of the ones i might go back for IDK yet! I had to pass on the lip things because I have so many still in boxes i just can't buy anymore lol

@Miss Nikka They are so pretty! I limited myself to a couple pieces because i dont need anymore

@Blazeno.8 I'm in the same boat! If i could've i might have bought most of them BUT I had to practice self control =[ BOOO!

Alexis said...

Centre Stage looks beautiful! I always fall in love with MAC browns and they never fully deliver, but it def looks like they've stepped their game up! Will have to try out this collection.

Leah ♥ said...

great post Beverly! OMG I ordered like 5 of those shadows online for fear of it being sold out everywhere and one was Center Stage ad after seeing this, Im so excited about it!

and LOL all I think about is that Peacocky Katy Perry song too


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