Wednesday, February 2, 2011


FINALLY! I got my small hands on this HARD CANDY Glamoflauge concealer everyone is raving about! & Boy did I go on an adventure to find it.  Besides that I'm happy i finally found it after months of stalking Walmart (which i hate going to.  I'm a Target kinda girl)  Anyways I'll test this out for a couple days & let ya know what i think but so far its love =]

 There are only 3 colors available: Light, Medium, & Tan.  I got the 2 lightest colors even though I knew that Medium would be too dark for me right now.

[Light - Medium]

[Blended -- Light - Medium]


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April Claire Makeup said...

I was going to get this, but I ended up getting the little concealer palette instead. Bad move =\ I don't like it much. I hope this gets a good review!

Maki said...

ooooh i've been looking for a great concealer, do you recommended this for oily skin ? >.<"" my pores clog REALLY easily

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Lucky! I want to try this concealer also. But I don't go to Walmart since the closes one is not that close and I am a Target kind of girl too. Looking forward for your review, heard lots of good things about this.

Sofia said...

I <3 this concealer!!

Leah ♥ said...

cant wait for the update! Im obsessed w/ concealers, Ill but one say its my HG but when I see a review on another - off to the store! lol

Barbie said...

Thanks for the swatches! I'd definitely need the lightest one!


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