Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deal of the Day

Faced with a major overflow of cosmetics, & hair products, I began to re-organize everything in my room in preparation to get new storage stuff.  I decided to browse tarjay for some new ideas.  As with any make-up addict, my first stop is always cosmetics, tho i tend not to buy any there because I can always get it cheaper.  I ran across some Sonia Kashuk limited edition brushes on clearance for around $4!I snatched them up & quick!  

The shadow brush reminds me of the MAC 252. And the kabuki is soft & not scratchy at all.  I have yet to try them out but I doubt i'll be disappointed especially since they were only a couple bucks.  The brushes are still online but at regular price so check your make-up clearance areas at target.  I also saw some JK shadows but they were $8.  Idk about you all, but i refuse to spend $8 on a DS shadow. 


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Courtney said...

Lucky! Great deal you got! I def need to check my Target out. I got one of those SK kabukis for like 3$ once. Best kabuki brush I have ever bought!

Jesse said...

Lucky! I was just at my local Target and the only thing they had on clearance was Revlon nail polishes. Great find!


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