Saturday, July 9, 2011

ES A88 Lashes -- Short & Luxuriant

Have you ever wanted to give your lashes a boost without going overboard??? I found the perfect lashes for the occasion from kkcenterhk

kkcenterhk is a website that is based out of Hong Kong thats sells Lashes, Wigs, Cosmetics, & Nail supplies of various brands.  Thought they are located overseas do not be fooled, I received my package quickly considering it came from Hong Kong.  & it was very well packed with bubble wrap to ensure that the product got to me the way the sent it.

Short & Luxuriant Lashes ES A88 $5.68


In the box they look dramatic BUT once I put them on they were about the same length as my own lashes.  So they just added volume to my lashes which is always great!  Even tho they were not "human hair" lashes they are very well made & aren't shiny like some synthetic lashes tend to be.  Also they are lightweight & conformed to the shape of my eye. 

The box came with 10 pairs of lashes.  and the box is $5.68 so every pair of lashes comes out to $.56.  You can't beat that for a pair of quality lashes.  Even the ELF ones that are $1 are not great quality, & they are a tad more expensive in comparason. 

They lashes themselves are short& wispy, but dense.

The only issue is you have to trim the excess strip that holds them in the packaging. 

Overall I like the lash a lot for day time.  Or for those people who have short lashes this lash is the perfect amount of drama without looking like you have spider lashes. Or if you have a decent length in lashes, like myself, Its a great lashes to give your lashes a volume boost.

Lashes In Action


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DISCLAIMER:  kkcenterhk sent products for consideration for product reviewI am not being payed for this review & the opinions are my own .

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Jessy said...

I really have to get some lashes from this brand :)

Alexis said...

I've been debating about getting lashes from that site. I might just have to, now!

I'm also awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award. :) :)


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