Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Faves

Its been a while since I've done one of these.  I tend to forget & remember by the time its time for next month's.  BUT I LOVE seeing everyone else's monthly favorites! It gets me into trying other products.

1. MUFE Mist & Fix :  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this especially now when its hot.  It sets my make-up & gives my skin a dewy look.

2. MAC My Paradise :  Looks amazing on my skin right now! Mac did something right with this blush.  I reach for it ALL the time.

3. MAC Joyus Beauty Powder Blush : MAC needs to bring these blushes back. BY FAR one of my favorite mac releases ever. 

4. BENEFIT Hoola Bronzer : Its an everyday staple for me.  BEST bronzer i've ever used. NOT too orange & not too red. Its a neutral matte bronzer.

5. INGLOT 10 palette :  I've been into brights lately! Can you tell??? I constantly reach for this palette whether just for one color or a couple. I really really really need to hit up Inglot again soon!

6. LA Splash liquid liner :  I bought this on a whim & have been using it ever since!  I love the formula & its stays on until I take it off. I like that it has a thin brush too.

7.  MAC Bare Necessity Dazzleglass :  Its no secret I am a dazzleglass lover!  I reach for this gloss for everything! I used to be faithful to Smile & Sugarrimmed but I got this one day & its love!

8. MAC In Synch lipliner : Its the perfect pinky fleshy color.  Great alone with gloss or under a lipstick.

9. MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow : I dont think I have a color like this.  I've use it like everyday.  Its so pretty!

What are some of your favorite products lately???

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10 loving:

Anonymous said...

I love mufe mist :D...... n the inglot pallette supe pigmented :D

D.Sadie said...

great favorites! how do you like the MUFE mist compared to MAC Fix+?

Jacquelyn said...

Awesome favorites! I too love Surf USA eyeshadow!!

Miss Ellis said...

Thanks for this posting. I always like learning what others are into. Since I can't really delve much into makeup for my office job (insert big sigh), I usually tend to go for a bold lip. I love Sephora's gloss pencils, especially Fuchsia Fever. Just got a compliment on it yesterday! Love them and they last for hours at a time.

A Fine Balance said...

looking forward to trying out the in synch lip liner! i am a huge fan of MAC!

Shades Professional Makeup said...

You are very right when you said that by seeing other people's monthly faves, it peeks your interest to try the products because I do the same.

Thanks for the post!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

Great Picks! i love everything you mentioned and LOVE the new blog look :))

Sue said...

I need to hit Inglot too!!

Lovely things you are into ;-)

G A B Y said...

Both MAC blush look gorgeous! I'm a little obsessed with blushes these days xD

Rai said...

Nice favorites! I need to get Style blush.


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