Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty Angel -- Special Edition Make-Up Kit

I recently came across an ELF beauty book dupe the Beauty Angel Cosmetics palette. I know those palettes are popular with a lot of people but not always available.

Forgot to take a picture of the front

On the left there are some pictures & instructions on how to use the colors.  You know basic shadow placement. On the right is 12 shadows & 2 blushes!


The blushes were the best part of the palette!  A matte peach & matte pink that are pigmented & smooth.  The darker shadows are a metallic & pigmented perfect for smokey eyes in the fall. The top 3 shadows all swatched to almost the same color which can be either a plus of a negative depending on who you ask.  The palette is $14.50 & there are 3 other variations, Gold, Green, & Blue, which all have different color eye shadows & blushes. Find them all here!

Look coming in a future post =]


DISCLAIMER: Product provided by for review consideration.  I am not being paid for this review & the opinions are my own .

3 loving:

♥ Natalie said...

Woooow! The blushes look sooo awesome! ♥

Jacenda ♥ said...

I am enjoying this palette! :) I really loved the blushes too! Looking forward to your look. XX

ChiffonLaceLeather said...

Beautiful color payoff. Great post


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