Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Conair You Curl

Hair curling wands are all the rave right now because they give you that relaxed curl look that all the celebs are rocking.  For a while now, I have been eying the Conair Infiniti You Curl wand that EVERYONE and their mom raves about.  It retails around $35 but being the bargainista that I am I knew it would eventually go on sale somewhere.  Low & behold when I'm looking thru my Sunday paper, I saw that Target had it on sale for $29.99 and you got a $10 target giftcard with it.  That's like getting it for $19.99, can't beat that. 

I read loads of reviews most of which were great and some which were ehh. Several beauties on twitter told me they hated it but still I head to target. Excited with my purchase, I drove home happy as a clam to have in my possession this extraordinary wand, or so I had heard.  I got home and immediately gave it a whirl.  

The wand its self is lightweight & consists of the tourmaline technology that protects the hair & eliminates frizz.  Once turned on, it heated up very quickly, which I liked.  The cord swivels around, which comes in handy when wrapping the hair around the wand.  On the box it says you can wrap big sections & small sections.  And most people claim they did their hair in 5 or 10 minutes.

On the handle is a power button, & 2 setting buttons, a minus & plus to control the 4 heat settings.  The only issue I had with the way its set up is that, once you start wrapping hair around the wand, you forget the buttons are there and can easily turn off the wand.  It happened to me several times, while using it on my hair & while I was testing it out on others.

On myself, I hated the looks that came out.  My hair is neither thick nor thin but I have a lot of hair and its quite long at the moment.   If I'm going with a messy wavy look it will take me around 20 minutes with a 1/2 inch curling iron.  I use it the same way as you would a wand.  Just wrap sections around the barrel, & voila! instant curling wand without buying a different tool.

The first time I tired it out on my hair, I wrapped my hair around the wand using the same sized sections I use around my curling iron. (results from using that method can be seen in my previous posts HERE & HERE.) When I used the wand, I wrapped the entire length of hair was wrapped around like I do using the curling iron, even tho the box suggests to leave out a couple inches of the ends for "today's look" whatever that means.  To my surprise the bottom 6 inches or so of my hair didn't even have so much as a wave! I was left with curly hair at the root & straight hair at the ends. Not a good look.  I soon came to discover that I should take smaller sections to get the entire length to wave, which defeats the purpose of using the wand.  More sections = more time.

Then I figured maybe my hair was too long, so I tried it on my niece who's hair is significantly shorter than mine.  She has a mixture of thicknesses through out her head & she has a lot of hair.  Again I took the same sized sections, I normally wrap her hair and again I faced the same problem.  Her ends were pin straight!  Maybe to some people they don't mind that look, but the hairstylist in me HATED it!  Even my brother who doesn't really pay attention to details asked why her hair was pin straight at the ends. 

These pictures are the results of the 2nd time I using the wand on her hair taking smaller sections of hair & the result was still the same.  She even mentioned to me that the ends annoyed her & she's 7!  Her whole head took me about 30 minutes to do, which isn't bad but I am usually quicker.

CLOSE UP of the ends
This was the best attempt I got from the wand & I still wasn't satisfied. 

I have since returned this because its not for me.  Maybe it will work for someone who has thinner or shorter hair.  Maybe even patience to take smaller sections.  My hair is wavy & frizzy.  When I use a curling iron as a wand I don't have to blow out/straighten my hair first.  I let it air dry, and then take the section and run it thru the clamp of the curling iron first.  With the wand I'd have to add the extra step of blowing out my hair first, which is more stress on my color treated hair. 

Do you own this wand??? If so thoughts on it???


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Ebru said...

Ah thanks for your review, I've been wanting to try this wand out because of all the hype! I guess I will have to pass it as I have a lot of thick hair that's also long. I don't hate my Hot Tools curling iron but I really want to achieve that relaxed wavy celebrity look too! I guess the search continues...

Tanning Tips said...

I have this curling iron and I really like it. I do have fine, straight hair so it adds really cool, textured waves. But, it's not for everybody and if I had long, thick hair I would probably pass as it's a lot of work!


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