Saturday, August 13, 2011

On the Prowl

If you didn't know, Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays.  I love love the fall.  I tend to enjoy fall cosmetic launches more than any other season's.  Its only August but Wet & Wild has already released some Halloween collections.  I saw a bunch of Fantasy Makers lashes, make-up & sets at my Harmon Discount store.  I'll go back for those at a later date.  My eyes were set on the limited edition, fast dry nail polish collection, On the Prowl.  I snatched up 7 of the 8 shades.  They only shade i couldn't bother with was Jungle Fever, a shimmery green.  I hate greens on myself.  Of the 8 nail polishes, 6 are solid colors & 2 are glittery top coats.

Behind Closed Doors -- Mix of tiny circular red glitter & red hexagon shaped glitter suspended in a grey jelly polish

Tangled in My Web -- Black hexagon shaped glitter suspended in a grey jelly

Buy Me A Drink  -- Shimmery Wine polish

Cougar Attack -- Copper Glitter suspended in Black Jelly

Ready to Pounce -- Deep Purple with nuances of pink shimmer

Ink Well -- Black jelly-cream

Correction Tape -- mix of Black & Pink square glitter and Gold & Blue hexagon shaped glitter suspended in clear polish



These should be popping up in drugstores near you hopefully soon. =]


6 loving:

Sirena Sparklestar said...

OMG I can't wait to find those!

Vegan; Makeup Junkie said...

I need all of these! I have to say Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday too! Ahhh.. can't wait!

Miss Tapia said...

perfect for Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for these everywhere!

sepia_raven said...

Nice, I like the red glitter one!

Miss Ellis said...

I totally didn't expect that type of quality. Those look awesome!


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