Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Sorbet

Lets play a game of catch up.  If you follow me on my other social networks you've probably already seen these FOTDs. If not enjoy.  Starting from oldest to newest.

EYES: Mac Vanilla, Electric Coral, & Eyepopping, MUFE #58, Salon Perfect 105 lashes, NYC liquid liner, L'oreal Voluminous
CHEEKS: MAC Spaced Out Blush
LIPS: MAC Orange Tempra lipglass

EYES: Mac Vanilla, Inglot DS463, Matte 361, & DS 473, MUFE #58, NYC liner, BSS lashes, L'oreal Voluminous
CHEEKS: Mac Modern Mandarin, Superb
LIPS: Mac Reel Sexy

EYES: Inglot DS463 & Matte 361 shadows, MAC Cork & Vanilla, NYC liner, BSS lashes
CHEEKS: Mac Superb & Immortal Flower blush
LIPS: Heroine lipstick

EYES: Inglot DS463 eyeshadow, MAC Aquadisiac shadow, NYC liquid liner, Salon Perfect Wispies, L'oreal Voluminous
CHEEKS: Mac Immortal Flower
LIPS: Mac Violetta & Heroine lipstick

EYES: Wet & Wild Brûlée, MAC Pink Vivid & Electric Coral pigments, Shock-a-holic, Eyepopping, Big T shadows, NYC liquid liner, BSS lashes, L'oreal Voluminous
CHEEKS: Ben Nye Iced Gold, MAC Immortal Flower
LIPS: MAC Orange Tempra lipglass

EYES: Urban Decay Naked 1-- Smog& Naked,  Wet & Wild Brûlée, Random BSS lashes from asia, L'oreal Voluminous
CHEEKS: Ben Nye Iced Gold, MAC Modern Mandarin
LIPS: MAC What a Blast lipliner, Korean Kandy lipstick


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Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Reel Sexy is such a pretty lip color. Took some notes with this post. Thanks for sharing.

Catalina said...

I love all the looks! Your super gorgeous Beverly <3

Jacquelyn said...

WOW!!!! Gorgeous looks girl!!!

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

lovely as usual!

Janella Panchamsingh said...

Girl these looks are banging! I must copy them! (giving you credit of course)

Sabina said...

I love all of them! wow u have skills


Liza said...

Nice looks, I love the pinky eyeshadows on you :)

Sue said...

Love them all Beverly! Specially the one with Heroine l/s.. I have it and love it!

-Nancy said...

Marvelous as always girly! Miss you tutorials/FOTD posts since I don't have a fb/twitter. Hey, what moisturizer do you use? Any recs for oily/combo skin? :P Sorry for asking.

Beverly said...

I don't have oily skin at all. I can't personally recommend something to you. A celeb make-up artist tweeted that he uses Urban Decay deslick spray before make-up application for oily skin ladies. Try it!

Beverly said...

I love pink eyeshadows on myself as well. =]

Beverly said...

Thank you! I see myself using heroine a lot!

Beverly said...

Thank you!

Beverly said...

woot woot! I can't wait to see

Beverly said...

thanks boo! <3

Beverly said...

thank you!

Beverly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beverly said...

thanks =]

Beverly said...

so happy to please =]

Anonymous said...

omg i need Reel Sexy lipstick in my life! <3 it's such a gorge color! i def gotta find it! :/
i also loved the MAC Orange Tempra lipglass!


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