Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Complexion Perfector Brush

 When I saw images of Sonia Kashuk's spring 2012 collection, this double ended brush caught my eye.  All my looks start off with flawless skin and being that I love brushes, I thought this might do the trick.  Being that I'm in Target about once a week & I always peruse the cosmetics section first (only because its by the door *wink wink*), I sought after this brush for weeks.  When I finally spotted it, I hesitantly snatched it up. After walking around the store with it in my cart, I LEFT it. Yup. I couldn't make due with the price tag on it.  $18.99 + tax seemed kinda steep to me.  A week after, I gave in & bought it, thinking that it was worth it because I'd have gorgeous face.  The brush its self is nice.  Nothing extraordinary.  The sponge part was disappointing.  Obviously, Its a Beauty Blender dupe, but falls way short of it.  Too rubbery, not a lot of give. To actually use the brush was kind of awkward. The sponge part was not glued to the brush so it would fall off. I love all the other Sonia Kashuk brushes I have so this was kind of a bummer. All in all, I returned it because it was decent but the price through me for a loop.

Has anyone tried this brush???


3 loving:

Anonymous said...

i havent tried it but it looks fun <3 haha

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I've briefly seen it but had doubts about the sponge.... your review pretty much turned me off to go and get it.

Myaia Holmes said...

I have this brush, and you are to take the sponge off, wet it, and use the same way as a beauty blender, smudging and tapping. You of course use the foundation side as you would any foundation brush like this, the domed shape really helps with the application. You MUST WET the sponge. I like this brush, and I returned my beauty blender.


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