Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forgotten Gems

so after moving back into my old room in my apartment (long story short-- my parents have a mother/ daughter style home and my sister an i live in the apartment side. Well i got really sick last year and i couldn't walk so i stayed on my parents side.)
Anyways during that time my mom decided that my room should be re-done and everything went in storage including a lot of my make-up.
WELL today i began moving back in and i decided to swatch some of my pigments for you all! I used to love buying pigments so these are just some random ones i picked out i'll swatch some more another time.

These are dry with no base!
this is swatched on Mac Face and Body C2/ C3, Studio Sculpt NC20/30 MUFE HD 120, Face and Body #32 skin -- i have yellow-olive undertones

L-R MILK (frosty, pale white pink), NAKED (satiny beige w/pearl particles)

top L-R: COCOMOTION(Frosty, antique gold), JARDIN AIRES (chunky frosty,light peachy tan) MEGA RICH (sheen,orangy copper) ROYAL FLUSH (frosty, rust red) ROSE GOLD (metal, rose tinged gold)

middle L-R: DEEP BLUE-GREEN(frosty, dark green w/teal sheen) ELECTRIC CORAL(frosty bright coral w/gold pearl) GRAPE(frosty deep purple w/pink pearl) VIOLET(frosty blue based violet) PINK PEARL (frosty magenta)

bottom L-R: NIGHTLIGHT(frosty smokey olive green w/gold pearl) SWEET SIENNA(frosty warm gray w/silver and gold pearl)GENUINE ORANGE(matte orange) MUTINY(chunky frosty robin's egg blue) GOLDEN LEMON (frosty yellow)

My Top Picks: Grape, Sweet Sienna, Electric Coral, Naked, Cocomotion

I have more that i'll try to do this week! If you guys have anything else you want swatched let me know if i have access to it i will def. post it =]!

xOxO Beverly

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Carla said...

wow gorgeous!!

thickandsassy said...

love them all, should sell pigment samples. but do u have any ben ney pigments


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